Vintage Market, “Garden Party”, this Saturday, July 16th!

Lots of changes are going on at The Vintage Market! ¬†First of all, is that our name is slowly transitioning from The Treasured Home, to The Vintage Market. Same ownership, but we think that The Vintage Market speaks to who we are, best. Along with our fabulous group of vendors, come lots of great new […]

A Note from Jill

Jill has been part of our little family, here at The Treasured Home, since last June. If you’ve been in the shop, or received a package from our on-line store, you’ve encountered Jill. Since she is such a big part of the shop, we thought it would be great for you to hear from her, […]

Diary of a Thrift Store Bed (Or, How to paint a piece of furniture)

Last Week: while meeting with Town & Country flooring, in Truckee, to order flooring for the Tahoe house, we sought out a couple of thrift stores. You can’t make a trip anywhere, without doing this, can you? The first stop was disappointing, but the Hospice Thrift Store, in Truckee, had a pine bed, for $28, […]

My kind of garage sale!

Before I get down to business, can I hear a round of applause, for the beautiful new blog header, Ann Marie designed for me this weekend? The black and white stripe reminds me of the B & W striped valence, in my actual shop window! Now, where was I? Oh, yes! Beautiful Lake Tahoe! In […]

Why didn’t I think of that? (Gypsy Chic Vintage Market)

My small tribe of scavengers, set off for the darling town of Lincoln, this morning, in search of treasures. We had heard about the Gypsy Chic Vintage Market, in downtown Lincoln. Nancy, the owner, refers to it as a monthly “pop-up” antique show, that’s open one long weekend (4 days) a month! There are about […]

Where’s Barbara?

Did you ever read “Where’s Waldo” books with your children? My kids loved them. I sort of feel like I’m living the book right now, as I spread myself very thin, hopping from one project to another! Not that you’re chewing your fingernails down to the quick, wondering where my blog posts are, but in […]

Puppy Love (New Staffordshire Doggies for the Shop)

I’ve been wanting a pair of porcelain Staffordshire terriers for some time. Here’s a little history I’ve found… Starting in the 1700’s, Stafford, England became known for its porcelain. The town was located close to the natural materials needed and by the late 1800’s, had become a world center for pottery. The dogs, made to […]

Quick Fix! (Magazine Basket Make-Over)

Greetings!, I scoured the antique fair here in Sacramento, today! It’s a monthly event, under the freeway and I always try to go. The only disappointment about today, was that I missed the Karmelkorn concession! I found all sorts of treasures including this little magazine basket. I knew it had possibilities and that the teal […]

Spray Painting Like the Pro’s, Part Two!

How much thriftier than free can you possibly get? True confessions time. I picked a table out of the garbage dumpster once, when we had our San Francisco condo. One darling little table, came home to be saved by the master of furniture repair projects. We have a half-house, giving these pieces new life…another chance […]

All My Notes From Haven (Tips to Grow Your Blog!)

Hello again!, Yes, I know, you’ve heard me say several times now, how great the Haven conference was! Not only did I learn tons of wonderful tips to grow my blog, DIY tips and thriftiness secrets, I met some really lovely women! Now, I added some pictures of new friends at the end, you’ll see, […]

Meeting Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Hello from Atlanta!, I’m back at the airport, after a mind boggling three days here! My brain is spilling new information. It’s coming out of my ears! Looks a little strange! One of the high points of the Haven conference, was meeting Rashon Caraway, better known as Mr. Goodwill Hunting. Charm spillith over! (“spillith”: new […]