Meeting Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Hello from Atlanta!,
I’m back at the airport, after a mind boggling three days here! My brain is spilling new information. It’s coming out of my ears! Looks a little strange!

One of the high points of the Haven conference, was meeting Rashon Caraway, better known as Mr. Goodwill Hunting. Charm spillith over! (“spillith”: new word)

While I had visited his blog before, I’m now a convert! Not only is he a thrift shopping expert, his warmth, humor and authentic charm is infectious!

He showed us some of his thrift shop design make-overs, and gave us lots of tips for successful thrift shopping.

Always have these essentials with you, when shopping:
– Tape measure
– Hand sanitizer! Self explanatory.
– Smart phone, for on the spot research
– Truck/van
– Dressed down attire. ( How are you going to get a mark down, if you look like a million bucks?)
You can’t help but love this guy! Do you follow Rashan? If not, be sure to check him out! You’re in for a treat!




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  1. Perfect description of Rashon! I’m so glad we had an opportunity to meet him and see him work the audience. He’s a Southern Charmer for sure!

  2. I must visit Reason more often; he is genius and has a great eye!

    Art by Karena
    Artist Series 2012

  3. Barbara…first of all, I had such a wonderful time with you at Haven..you are so much FUN to be with…you are just as I imagined, a lady with class and lot of wit!!…You made me laugh all day long!!…You chose a great person to feature…loved his workshop too!!….he is the best….Have a wonderful week…!!!

  4. Absolutely love Rashon. What else did you learn about (hand sanitizer — great tip)?

  5. Hey Barbara–wasn’t Rashon a hoot? I’m so glad I met you at Haven and had a little time to hang out–not nearly enough. My head is spinning, too, with ideas. I hardly know where to start.

  6. Barbara what an awesome recap. It was so great to meet you!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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