Almost-Valentine’s-Day Celebration, Tomorrow!

Hello, love bug! If you’re in the mood to “share the love” on Valentine’s Day, find some wonderful gifts, at great savings. While you browse new arrivals and sweet gifts, enjoy a croissant and mimosas.   Here’s gift, your sweetheart might get a kick out of! $12.95 Diane restores vintage jewelry boxes, that make a […]

New Vendors at the Shop! Come See What’s New!

   Greetings, fellow treasure hunters!, Earlier this year, I told you that we were going to bring a few carefully selected vendors into the shop.  Well, a handful of lovely women, moved their loot in over the last couple of days, joining Julie, who arrived last month.      You already know some of the […]

Last minute summer sale!

By now, I hope you know about tonight’s Meet the Artist extravaganza, from 6 – 8 p.m..    Well, our Vintage Market is almost half rented and the first vendor moves in next week, just in time for Thursday night’s gathering.  Others are scheduled to move in in September.  So that means I have to […]

Travels to Round Top

OK, friends.  I’m back and had the time of my life!    Yes, Round Top draws quite a crowd and I’m so glad we were part of it all!  I had been talking about going to this bi-annual antique shopping extravaganza, for years.  It was about time!      Five of us, (three are shop […]

News from The Treasured Home

Greetings! I hope you’re doing well, this Wednesday! If you have admired this beautiful, antique beveled mirror, the marble topped console table, or Patti’s two stunning antique chairs, great news! They’ve all had their price tags trimmed substantially! Speaking of Patti, she just joined the ranks of Bionic Women! Today, she had knee replacement surgery […]

New at The Treasured Home

After a relaxing morning at home, I headed to the shop. I made a stop along the way, at a friend, who’s been leasing antique shop space, but doesn’t have the time to commit to the project. So, she’s liquidating her treasures, and I scored a few beauties! It will take a little while for […]

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News from The Treasured Home

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