Mother’s Day Sale Starts Now!

Hello Gorgeous! I hope you’re doing well!  Gotten your vaccines?  Hope so!  For me, it’’s just a bit of extra insurance.  Certainly a personal decision! Yes, it’s almost May!  Incredible!  Who’s in charge, anyway?  Must be a Mom, who gets things done, takes charge and gets results! Same goes for the mentors in our lives.  The women who took an active role in our welfare, offered support, advice and gave us the “atta-girls” when we needed them.  How’d we get so lucky?! Hallmark may … ...Continue reading >>

Demo Day, this Saturday!

Hello Gorgeous! I’m hoping your week is going smoothly!  I can’t complain.  I just wish  last week’s orders at market would show up immediately!  Patience never has been easy for me! In the mean time, I’ve spent some time this week, working … ...Continue reading >>

Shopping at Market!

Hello darling! Well, here we are!  Have you ever heard the saying “rode hard and put away wet?  That’s how I felt, at 6:15 on Sunday morning, when I looked in the mirror.  I never sleep well, when traveling the next day.  Well, enough of … ...Continue reading >>

I have lots to tell you about!

Happy Spring! Don’t you just love this time of year?!  Everything is waking up after a long sleep.  Nature is the great optimist.  It just keeps returning, getting bigger and prettier each year.  I think someone slipped this climbing rose some … ...Continue reading >>

Happy April Sale! Spring is here!

Hello sweet friend, Happy April!  It feels like if I stopped running, May, June and July would slam right into me! April first, thirty-two years ago, I had a sneaking suspicion that I was with child. So, pregnancy test in hand (yes, they had … ...Continue reading >>

Hello from Texas!

Hello Friends!, We’re here, in the heart of Texas!  Perfect weather...high 70’s!  If it stayed like this all year, there’d be no hope for California! Here I am, with my girlfriend’s little sister.  In front of the Alamo, no less!  No, we … ...Continue reading >>

News from the shop!

Hello gorgeous!   It’s St. Patty’s Day evening.  Papa and I are settling down, after a yummy crock pot, full of ye old corned beef!  Have you done the 23 and me thing? I did and I don’t believe I have any Irish blood in me.  I still love corned … ...Continue reading >>

Commonly asked furniture painting questions

Greetings!, The folks at Porch.com asked me and other seasoned furniture painters, to offer their best tips for successful furniture painting. As someone who loves to give advice, to her children and furniture painters (a much more receptive … ...Continue reading >>

Guess Who’s Coming to Town?

  Hey, friends! If you follow the creative world of Iron Orchid Designs, then you know Lynne Brundage, her husband, JR and daughter, Meghan!  Lynne is the creative force behind Ellen J. Goods, a beautiful shop in a 100 year old … ...Continue reading >>

Sidewalk Sale Saturday!

sidewalk sale, today!! Hi there!  Thought I’d pop on this morning and remind you about our sidewalk sale,  Saturday only! We’ve been doing some much needed spring cleaning and you may just find the treasure you’ve been dreaming of! If you … ...Continue reading >>

Our Winter Sale Starts Now!

Hello friends! I hope you’re doing well, today! There’s lots going on at the shop, so grab your coffee and gather around the camp fire! Winter Sale, 20-50%! Yesterday, my trusty pricing gun and I turned the back room into our Winter Sale … ...Continue reading >>