Bed Dreams {Creating a Beautiful Master Bedroom}

Bedrooms have come a long way, baby! There are so many more options, than the matchy-matchy 5-piece bedroom set and “bed-in-a-bag” bedding sets, of yester-year. Thank goodness for that!

Bed frames have really made leaps and bounds, giving more options for creating your own unique version of paradise. I reeeaally love the upholstered headboards…you know, the ones that peak in the middle, in a gorgeous jewel tone velvet? Maybe some nail head trim?

Being the dull ever practical person, I opt for neutral solids. A little boring, but much easier to decorate around, without a complete overhaul. We have two upholstered headboards in our home, both in the brown/tan/gold tones. I’m planning on making a slipcover, most likely with a painter’s drop cloth, to lighten the look a bit, on one of those beds. I might even take a walk on the wild side and do something in a fun pattern! Slip covers for headboards offer lots of wonderful instant-chango options, that I really love!

20120619-213003.jpg (Dwell Studio)
Remember the shiny brass beds? I had one of those! Yep!


What do you think about Serena & Lilly’s new beds?

You could spend the day, letting your fingers do the walking, on line, exploring all the wonderful head board and bed frame choices! And when you’re finished (you’re never finished!) you can explore all the wonderful bedding and pillow options!

Bedding is the next focal point in a bedroom, mainly because of the large area covered and all the chances to layer with different colors, patterns and textures. In the olden days, as a home stager, I’d often buy comforters in synthetic materials. (and even those “bed-in-the-bag” sets) To say the least, I’ve moved on! Now days, I’m all about cottons and linens that breath and go into the washing machine without a fuss. And, girl, are there some beautiful fabrics to choose from out there!

My “formula” for bedding is a cotton coverlet, a cotton covered duvet cover folded at the foot of the bed and 26″ square (Euro) pillows at the headboard, 2-deep, in coordinating (cotton) fabrics. The 26″ pillow, 2-deep, creates a luxe look and provides added height. Works every time.
and wall art,
Now, the bedside tables don’t have to match, but I always recommend that the height of the tables be very similar. Otherwise, it looks lopsided. And if you’re one of those lucky people with a nice wide bedroom, (I’m not one of those people), I’d search for a night stand with plenty of width. Besides, you never have enough room on a bedside table. Wide bedside tables add extra grandeur to the room…and who can’t use some extra grandeur!?

As with any room, it’s all about proportion. The lighting chosen, for either side of the bed needs to be in correct proportion to the room, bed and table dimensions. When your table tops are small, I to opt for wall scones, to allow for more table space.

The finishing touches include drapery panels, mirrors, greenery, accessories, a chest of drawers (Craig’s List?) and a comfy chair.

Visit Pinterest or Houzz.com, for ideas and inspiration. If you need a helping hand, give me a call!

I’d better get to sleep, since it’s almost midnight and tomorrow’s Haven Conference starts bright and early!

Until next time,
Best to you!


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  1. Love your formula for pillows. I need some direction.
    It was great meeting you at the Haven Conference! Looking forward to
    Keeping up with your blog.

  2. Never thought to paint a brass bed, but you knwo that I’ll garage saling soon!

    • Barbara Bussey says

      Hi Gayle! Thanks for stopping by! I can just see a brass bed painted in one of Rustoleum’s 2x spray paints, like a hot pink or teal! How fun would that be?

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