The San Francisco Decorator Showcase (and a give-away winner!)

I’ve been visiting the annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase Home for a number of years. While I really wonder about how practical the floor plan is, all I can say is “who cares?”! This home, which is on the market for somewhere around $20 million, is located in one of America’s best neighborhoods, San Francisco’s […]

Candid Camera! Painting Class Photo Collages

Hello Darling! (I hope it’s OK that I call you “darling”, since I call most everyone “darling” or “sweetheart”!) For some reason, it bugs me when someone, particularly a man, other than Mr. Wonderful, calls me “honey”, so go figure! Are you too young to remember Loretta Young? I think she called people “darling”! I […]

Our San Francisco Condo in Transition

Well, hopefully this post will appear more organized than I feel right now. Over the weekend, we moved, sold, packed up and cleaned our 2nd home, in San Francisco. Now we’re trying to find a place to put everything. I shouldn’t be complaining, because Mr. Wonderful did all the hard stuff. Fortunately, we have storage […]

Mexican Antiquities for the Home

Here, in northern California, there are two predominant architectural styles for homes. The “ranch” style home and a Spanish/Mediterranean home. Sure there are many others, but these are the two that come to mind first. Our home (on a cold winter day) was designed to look like a little Mediterranean villa and is fairly typical […]

Frugal Friday

As a self-described “smart shopper”, I’d like to highlight two of my many favorite spots for savvy shopping. I stopped in at Restoration Hardware’s outlet store, in Vacaville this week. It’s tucked far back into a corner of the center and would be easy to miss, if you didn’t know it was there. But if […]

Choosing Upholstery Fabric

Well, I did it! I chose new upholstery fabric, for the chair I just sanded and stained. While I was considering a more traditional fabric… I decided to take a more “daring” approach, with an ultra-suede animal print, what many people call a new “neutral”. Now, I’ve heard that every room should have one surprise, […]

H. D. Buttercup, Now in San Francisco

One of my all time favorite home furnishing collections can be found at ABC Home and Carpet in Manhattan. Well, the husband and wife owners of ABC divorced, so the husband went to California and opened a 100,000 sf store in L.A. Six months ago, the San Francisco store opened and I finally had a […]