Our Great French Adventure!

Greetings, dear people! Jill and I have returned safely, from a week in France, I won’t soon forget! This photo was taken in the gorgeous Luberon region. ┬áThe village at the top left corner of the photo, was built on a hilltop, as was done hundreds of years ago, for protection from the enemy. There […]

Merry Christmas! The class calendar is on line!

After Christmas Sale!

Great Homes for $985,000

Hello there, Sisters! I was just checking out The New York Times, on line and saw a headline, “Homes for $985,000”. While I’ve never linked to the Times, on my blog before, this is a tour worth taking, if you have the few minutes it will take! Being a Californian, where it’s hard to find […]

Dreaming of a Home Studio

I’m dreaming of a studio. A place with lots of windows, where I don’t have to put my toys away at the end of the day. Judging from the fact that there are more than 48,000 images of “art studios” on Houzz.com, I guess I’m not the only one with this idea! Now, some of […]

Saturday Morning In Mid-Town

This morning, the girls were on the road, at 7:15 a.m.! While cutting into my beauty sleep, it was all for a good cause! Searching for tomorrow’s treasures, that’s what we do! Today’s loot includes pillow fabric, that makes me happy, including what I think you’d call a toile. Very frenchy! Next to the vintage […]

New York City this Week

Thanks to my daughter in college at West Point, just an hour and a half from Manhattan, we’re back in the city for a few days. I thought I’d just show you some of the beautiful sights. The weather is wonderful, although brisk and breezy! Prior to seeing War Horse at Lincoln Center (which I […]

More New Pillow Fabric & Lunch at The Breakers

With just two days left in South Florida, the sky is clear and it should reach 80 today! Pretty nice! I’m ready to get back home soon,to work on some projects. I hear Annie Sloan calling my name and am going to work with her gorgeous red color, for starters. Emperors Silk, I believe she […]

Union Station, a D.C. Architectural Landmark

I hope you enjoy architectural history as much as I do, because today we’re taking a quick peek at Union Station, in Washington D.C. This morning, we took the train from D.C. To NYC, which by the way, is a great travel option. I had never been to Union Station, and was in awe of […]