My kind of garage sale!

Before I get down to business, can I hear a round of applause, for the beautiful new blog header, Ann Marie designed for me this weekend? The black and white stripe reminds me of the B & W striped valence, in my actual shop window! Now, where was I? Oh, yes! Beautiful Lake Tahoe! In […]

Natural Garden “Sculpture”

Months ago, dear friend, Cleo, brought me several of these seed buckets, from a piece of farm equipment. They’ve been sitting idle for a while now. Empty, they aren’t very interesting. But once you fill them with greenery, all of that changes! I chose succulents for my first experiment. Once in the shop this morning, […]

Find Me At Debbiedoo’s

Do you know my Blog Sister, Debbie, at Debbiedoo’s? She has a Home Tour every week, over at her place and invited me to join in. (You may wonder how she got her name, “Debbiedoos”. Its not because she does all that she does! It’s simply the moniker she earned as a kid, from her […]

Hi Hand Nursery Get Away

One can not survive, by painting alone! A day, shared at one of the regions most gorgeous nurseries, is a day well spent. Of course, before shopping for art and antiques, one has to find nourishment and Hi Hand has a wonderful restaurant! Shopping is a natural activity once fed, so we headed for the […]

Twilight In the Garden

It’s 8 p.m., on Friday night. My favorite time of my favorite day. May is a wonderful time of the year, here in northern California…before the string of 100 degree days hit. You may recall, I found this new outdoor umbrella at World Market. The floral fabric is colorful and kinda fun! I’m hoping Wonder […]

Lake Como, Part Two

Today was spent on and around Lake Como, touring gardens, eating pasta, visiting a few shops and enjoying the amazing views. This estate was given to Carlotta, by her parents, when she got married, a few hundred years ago. Cut gravel beds are everywhere, in Italy. I really like the paver stone that was used […]

Gorgeous in the “Grove”

Before heading to the Ft. Lauderdale airport, we had the wonderful chance to spend time with dear friends, Gale and Glenn, at their gorgeous home in Coconut Grove. Gale and Glenn are the “poster couple” for a fun-packed and rewarding retirement lifestyle. It’s no surprise that they have a steady stream of house guests, because […]

Grand Entrances

Our home is at the end of a short asphalt lane and the asphalt continues onto our property, serving as our (very large) driveway. As far as aesthetic appeal is concerned, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best looking, I give asphalt a zero. So, suffice it to say, I have […]

Annie’s Home & Garden

I visited a friend’s amazingly unique home and garden today and asked if it would be all right if I took pictures for my blog. She said fine, as long as I kept it anonymous. So, respecting her wishes, I have re-named her Annie, short for Anonymous. Annie is a World Traveler (capitalized because it […]

Come Into Our Living Room…

We’ve recently inherited a number of pieces that belonged to my parents and I have spent time finding just the right spot for each of them. It’s bitter-sweet…losing my parents, but it’s nice to keep things that they loved and that I grew up with, close by. When no one else wanted these large table […]

Local Landscape Architect & Artist’s Well Loved Home

Last year, I hired the amazingly talented landscape architect, David Gibson, to come by our home and give me his thoughts on what to do with the landscaping in the front of our home. Before leaving, he invited us to come over and see his own home’s landscaping, since he wanted to show me how […]