I have lots to tell you about!

Happy Spring! Don’t you just love this time of year?!  Everything is waking up after a long sleep.  Nature is the great optimist.  It just keeps returning, getting bigger and prettier each year.  I think someone slipped this climbing rose some secret sauce, because I can’t remember it going this crazy before with new flowers. […]

News from the shop!

Hello gorgeous!   It’s St. Patty’s Day evening.  Papa and I are settling down, after a yummy crock pot, full of ye old corned beef!  Have you done the 23 and me thing? I did and I don’t believe I have any Irish blood in me.  I still love corned beef! Darlene and I spent […]

Sidewalk Sale Saturday!

sidewalk sale, today!! Hi there!  Thought I’d pop on this morning and remind you about our sidewalk sale,  Saturday only! We’ve been doing some much needed spring cleaning and you may just find the treasure you’ve been dreaming of! If you signed up to our IOD or Fusion Demo’s today, we can’t wait to see […]

Our Winter Sale Starts Now!

Hello friends! I hope you’re doing well, today! There’s lots going on at the shop, so grab your coffee and gather around the camp fire! Winter Sale, 20-50%! Yesterday, my trusty pricing gun and I turned the back room into our Winter Sale Headquarters! You may have heard that I have no formal training in […]

Sweetheart Sale at the Shop, this Week!

Hello, friend!, I hope your week is going well!  I spent half of today, thinking it was Tuesday. Good thing Mr. Wonderful set me straight!  Maybe it was wishful thinking…that I wasn’t so behind schedule! Sweetheart Sale! You probably know about our jewelry, but if you’re new to the shop, let me fill you in! […]

Staying dry at The Treasured Home!

Hello sweetness!, I took this photo this evening, before leaving the shop.  Most of the lights were off and I find the photos to be prettier in limited light.  I was ready to head out the door and thought I’d better get some new shots to share with you all. In the back of my […]

Join our Paint Your Own Piece class, this Saturday!

We’re limiting this Saturday’s Paint Your Own Piece class, to just five students! This is an old photo, from the archives.  Pre-masks and social distancing.  Most of these women are still painting furniture and taking classes at the shop! Our Paint Your Own Piece is one of our core classes, that we’ve taught to hundreds […]

While the Shop is Closed this Week…

Hello Friends!   The selfie, above, was taken by “yours truly”.  I asked Mr. Wonderful to kindly remove his purple head band, for this quick shot, but he denied my request.  What can I say? We drove over to Homewood ski resort, looking for a place to walk Micah, since the bike trails are covered […]

The Christmas Countdown!

Hello friends!, Were you able to attend our last classes, with guest instructor, Kathy, teaching how to create the Santa Tray?  I was there both nights and was so impressed with her teaching style and upbeat attitude! It turns out that she’s going to be a regular, at the shop, starting in February!  Years ago, […]

Our End of the Year Sale Starts this Week!

Hello there!, I hope this note finds you well! It’s hard to believe we’re in the middle of the shop’s 9th holiday season.  I’m so thankful you enjoy visiting the shop! At the risk of getting all gooey, I want to tell you again that because of you and the shop, my life has a […]

You don’t want to miss this class!

Please welcome guest instructor, Kathy Pavloski! I met Kathy this year, pre-Covid, at the shop.  After a few conversations, I learned that she teaches classes outside the area and she shared her work with me.  Pretty wonderful! Ever since, I’ve been trying to get her to teach a class at The Treasured Home.  Finally, today, […]