Sprucing Up Our Guest/Son’s Room

Greetings! With my efforts focused on the Tahoe renovation and the shop, I haven’t had much of a chance to give our home, here in town, some love.  Last week, I found some time on my day off, to spruce up my son’s room. Guess where I shopped?  Yep, you guessed it!  If ever you […]

New at Home

Hello Sweet Friends, It’s been a while since we visited the original treasured home. Truth be told, I haven’t been spending a lot of time here, since opening the shop. I don’t know if I showed you pictures of our upstairs, since adding the wood floors, but I love them! For some time, I’ve been […]

Creating a Design Plan for Your Home

Hello dear friend!, I just had the most fun, on Friday afternoon, at a design consultation, here in town! While I don’t have those fancy letters after my name, designating a design degree, I have years of hands on experience and truly love helping people love their homes! Mary Clare just moved into a smaller […]

A Decade of Changes In Our Living Room

Thanks to those wonderful little furniture moving pads, that I discovered as a home stager, I can make my living room sofa do a three-sixty, in nothing flat! So over the years, I’ve tried lots of variations, without measurable success. Early on, I had a slipcovered sofa (using my favorite painter’s drop cloths), carpeting…pretty simple. […]

Our San Francisco Condo in Transition

Well, hopefully this post will appear more organized than I feel right now. Over the weekend, we moved, sold, packed up and cleaned our 2nd home, in San Francisco. Now we’re trying to find a place to put everything. I shouldn’t be complaining, because Mr. Wonderful did all the hard stuff. Fortunately, we have storage […]

Gorgeous Living Rooms

If life gave me a do-over, I’d gather my courage and build a home with a great big, great room! Beamed ceilings, soaring steel windows, with doors that open wide, to a beautifully designed outdoor room and lush greenery, everywhere. But since most of our homes have both living rooms and family rooms, I thought […]

Come Into Our Living Room…

We’ve recently inherited a number of pieces that belonged to my parents and I have spent time finding just the right spot for each of them. It’s bitter-sweet…losing my parents, but it’s nice to keep things that they loved and that I grew up with, close by. When no one else wanted these large table […]

Our House…Come On In!

As you might recall, my father passed away recently. Compared to my Mother’s passing, when I sobbed for what seemed like weeks, I’ve taken my Dad’s passing much better. I imagine it’s because he was 89 and had lived such a wonderful, long life. Who knows? My four siblings and I made a quick decision […]

Little Girl Bedrooms Fit For A Princess

When my daughter was little, her room was done with a 4 poster twin bed, found at a garage sale, that I painted a creamy pink. Her bedding was full of ruffles and eyelet material. Sort of early Shabby Chic! Now, I’m seeing much bolder wall color choices, and lots of fun graphics and stencils […]

10 Things I Love About This Room

1. First of all, I love how balanced the room is, starting with the fireplace, flanked on both sides with beautiful “twin” bookcases. Even the miniature pictures on the shelves are similarly placed on the shelves on both sides.2. Feng Shui Experts place mirrors in a room, to reflect both positive and negative energy. I […]