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My best all-time estate sale find!

Trust me. I have many more experiences, of finding and purchasing items at estate sales, that I should never have purchased, but did. But on this particular day, about a year ago, I found this French confit pot, and the seller didn’t know what it was. Hark! Normally, if you looked on eBay or in […]

My Favorite Things

Yoo-Hoo! Ever since I loaded a new software update, my computer and blog software stopped talking to each other! Thankfully, my techie friend, Ann Marie came to the rescue! I don’t know what I’d do without her! I thought I’d check in with you and let you know what’s going on at the shop! The […]

My kind of garage sale!

Before I get down to business, can I hear a round of applause, for the beautiful new blog header, Ann Marie designed for me this weekend? The black and white stripe reminds me of the B & W striped valence, in my actual shop window! Now, where was I? Oh, yes! Beautiful Lake Tahoe! In […]

New (Furniture, Etc.) at The Treasured Home!

Greetings, dear ones!, I have just a few things to show you, at The Treasured Home, if you have a minute to sit back and take a peak! This isn’t what we’d call a “beauty shot”, but these two shutter panels are from Italy. They’re big and chunky, with equally chunky hardware! Yummy! Mr. Wonderful […]

Trader Joe’s Deal Alert (for our kitchen table)

Well, it all started when I got these sweet blue-and-white china plates. I found them last weekend at an estate sale, for two dollars each. Then, yesterday, I was at Trader Joe’s, And found these darling topiaries, for $6.99 each! By the way I sell the crusty urns (reproduction) at the shop. As you can […]

What’s In Your Garage? (Painting Projects!)

The rumor is, that many people use their garages for cars. We lost that memo. This is Mr. Wonderful’s version of a “man cave”. As long as there’s a TV to watch sports, life is good! I don’t know what I’d do without him! After some repair work, this is going to be a beautiful […]

New at Home

Hello Sweet Friends, It’s been a while since we visited the original treasured home. Truth be told, I haven’t been spending a lot of time here, since opening the shop. I don’t know if I showed you pictures of our upstairs, since adding the wood floors, but I love them! For some time, I’ve been […]

Shopping for the Shop, Part 2

I’ve been suffering from some pretty annoying insomnia, these past days. It’s all about the new shop! I’m getting hooked on ibuprofen p.m.! I lay in bed at night, listening to the crickets sing outdoors in the night and think about nothing but the SHOP! Enough, already! I’m heading over there shortly, to talk to […]

New Treasures at Veranda Antiques

Last time I was at Veranda Antiques, there was a whole lot of “moving and shaking” going on! Tom and Dave have moved their space and it is amazing! Trust me, when I say my top notch photography does not do their space, formerly the kitchen in this cottage, justice! Lora, the high priestess, is […]

Shopping for the Shop

I was happy to hear that my hot pink desk set has found a new home! In a color like hot pink, you never know if someone else will love it as much as you do! A few of my gift show orders have come in and I placed another order today! Sort of like […]