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Hello Sweet Friends,
It’s been a while since we visited the original treasured home. Truth be told, I haven’t been spending a lot of time here, since opening the shop.

I don’t know if I showed you pictures of our upstairs, since adding the wood floors, but I love them!

For some time, I’ve been on the “look- out” for a bench, at the foot of our bed.

Thanks to a recent estate sale purchase, mission accomplished! It’s supposed to be 200 years old! I also got the needle point inserts that were replaced by cain. Beautiful.

Boxes are always a favorite of mine. I found a box, perfect for my sailor son.


Sweet, huh? Speaking of sweet, I got the box that was forever on my parent’s chest of drawers. Probably from when they were stationed in Japan, or when my dad was in India.

It served as a catch all for things like needles, safety pins and holy cards.

Last on the subject of boxes, we have two wonderful chests, at the top of our stairs, filled with wood-working tools.
They belonged to relatives of Mr. Wonderful’s.

I just hope that our little family appreciates these things we call treasures, after we’re gone. But the reality is that a) I’m not going anywhere soon 2) it’s my memory,not theirs and 3) it is what it is!

I’ve been painting shutters, literally a pain in the back, and just started painting the wood trim on an antique sofa. So far, not good. As Dear-Old-Dad (aka Good Old Dad (G .O.D.), used to tell me, “Barbara, don’t get old!”

I’ll be hitting the sack early tonight!


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  1. Love those boxes…such treasures! And, my Dad used to tell me the same thing, so I’m trying! Just not sure how that’s working out! The floors look beautiful, btw! And as far as treasures go…you are absolutely right, it is what it is! Enjoy your weekend! 😉

  2. Love the bench and the caning looks great. The woodworking tool chest is fabulous! Good choice on the floors.

  3. Cynthia Sproule says

    Love the bench! What a perfect find!

  4. over 50 and its all maintence,that was my Dad in Law….love the bench and the bed to….and keeping the treasures is special

  5. Love the floors and the bench..I think we have similar tastes..I have some old boxes..Good idea for a post…Can’t have too many..Thanks..

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