Looking Ahead; Personal and Spiritual Growth in the Coming Year

Thoughts About Spiritual Well-Being Do you believe in God, or a supreme being? This may be a surprising and possibly uncomfortable question, posted here, since I am most often writing about the material world,¬†as I know it. One of the benefits of getting older though, for me, is a better understanding of my spiritual existence. […]

A Note from Jill

Jill has been part of our little family, here at The Treasured Home, since last June. If you’ve been in the shop, or received a package from our on-line store, you’ve encountered Jill. Since she is such a big part of the shop, we thought it would be great for you to hear from her, […]

The San Francisco Decorator Showcase (and a give-away winner!)

I’ve been visiting the annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase Home for a number of years. While I really wonder about how practical the floor plan is, all I can say is “who cares?”! This home, which is on the market for somewhere around $20 million, is located in one of America’s best neighborhoods, San Francisco’s […]

Happy 14th Anniversary to Us!

Hello, my dears!, As you probably gathered, today is our 14th anniversary and Mr. Wonderful just made me breakfast in bed. We were later in life, before finding our true love. I was a single mom for five years and was trying to just focus on my business and kids. Bob (aka, Mr. Wonderful), was […]

Introducing “Spray Bob”

It was a quiet day at The Treasured Home. I think most shoppers were in line at the grocery store and getting ready for family. So, I was able to get some work done. This cute little chest of drawers needed some trim work, distressing and waxing. I also waxed this great little side table […]

A Tribute to Wonder Dog

They don’t get any better, than our Wonder Dog, aka Tyler King. Kind, smart and intuitive. But with a long list of health issues, we just had to let him go to doggy heaven, this morning. It’s one of the hardest things in life to do. But it all comes down to quality of life […]

A Special Gift!

I got a great surprise today, from friend, Jane Schott, who writes Empress of the Eye. Now, if ya’all been here for long, you know that the hubs is known as “Mr. Wonderful”! What a cool gift! Thank you, Jane! Last January, I enjoyed a great afternoon in West Palm Beach, touring Antique ($) Row, […]

Accepting “The Nester” Challenge (Dear Me)

Whenever I get the chance, I visit The Nesting Place This week, she wrote a beautiful post, entitled Dear Me. She invited us to write our own letters of advice, to our 16 year old selves, in honor of her sister’s new book debut. Her sister writes the blog, Chatting at the Sky, and I […]

Goal Setting…Where Will It Take Me?

Goal setting. Just writing the words can be a little scary. What if I don’t reach my goals? What if I share them with you and don’t reach them? Will I then be the public idiot, the “pie in the sky” dreamer, or a woman who still had a few dreams left in her? I […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Terri, at La Dolfina

Greetings, dear friends, My series, is back in business! Rather than running these fun bios every Tuesday, we’ll be running it just once a month. I sure enjoy getting to know you all better! This month, we’re meeting up with Terri, at La Dolfina. She’s a California wife, mother and avid collector, living not far […]

Italian Adventure

Buongiorno! For years, I longed to travel to Europe! I heard stories, saw pictures and wondered when I’d ever get there. There were always bills, furniture to buy, or a first home, or bills, or little children, or some good reason why I had never been. I used to half-way joke that my goal was […]