8 Things You Might Not Know About Terri, at La Dolfina

Greetings, dear friends,
My series, is back in business! Rather than running these fun bios every Tuesday, we’ll be running it just once a month. I sure enjoy getting to know you all better!

This month, we’re meeting up with Terri, at La Dolfina. She’s a California wife, mother and avid collector, living not far from San Francisco.
She loves collecting so much that she sells her special finds at her on line store. There are even rumors, that she’s going to start selling her treasures at the huge Alemeda Antique Fair, on the first Sunday each month! So, without further ado, take it away, Terri!

Here goes…

1. I wear yoga pants most days, but don’t do yoga!

2. I alternate between being a parent to my son and acting like a sibling.

3. I would never be caught dead in flats. Most people don’t have a clue I’m 5’2″.

4. I wear sunglasses in the gym.


5. I attended a Swiss finishing school.

6. I’m a hugger.

7. I covet my neighbor’s dog, the cutest Westie ever.

8. I love to make myself laugh.


Thanks for joining us today, Terri! Get to know the Thrift-Flea-Antique Diva of Antioch, at her lovely blog, today, if you haven’t already met!

Best to you each day!,


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  1. Barbara, thank you so much for featuring Terri; I adore her. You can tell by looking at her that she is a happy person who makes others feel good!! Her collections are amazing!


    Art by Karena

  2. What a great interview – I agree that laughing is great medicine!

  3. Well that was fun!
    I’ve been a Terri fan for a while now but didn’t know quite a few of those things. I often think we are so much alike but I am the opposite with shoes, I hardly EVER wear heels (and I’m only 5’4″).

  4. I enjoyed that one, thanks to you both. now, I just gotta know one thing, terri. does your butt look that good in your yoga pants? cause if it does, and I think it probably does, I’m gonna be major jealous. your jealous friend, donna

  5. I adore Terri and her beautiful blog. Loved learning these tidbits – sunglasses in the gym – hilarious!!

    • Maybe Terrie wear her yoga pants to the gym! Very confusing! I try to go incognito to the gym, so people won’t see how bad I really look in the morning. Maybe sunglasses are what I need! Not that Terrie looks bad in the morning of course! 🙂

  6. Many thanks Barbara for including me in your 8 Things Series! I feel so special 🙂

  7. Barbara, You featured one of my favorite ladies. I love Terri and her heart, she is beautiful inside and out!!! xo Kathysue

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