A Note from Jill

Jill has been part of our little family, here at The Treasured Home, since last June. If you’ve been in the shop, or received a package from our on-line store, you’ve encountered Jill.

Since she is such a big part of the shop, we thought it would be great for you to hear from her, too!

Jill has helped me accomplish so much, that I would have never had the time or know-how to accomplish. She is a precious young woman, who helps me keep my “head above water”. Did I say we laugh, a lot?


So, here’s Jill!
Hi, I’m Jill.

No, not the girl with the water pail in her hands; I’m Jill, with the paint pail in her hands.

Some of you may already know me (good seeing you again), others of you don’t (nice to meet you). In either case, we’re going to be friends and go on some great adventures!

When others have ideas, you’ll usually see the typical 60 watt light bulb hovering above their head.

When I have an idea, you’ll see an Edison light bulb hovering above my cranial crock pot. Sometimes it will be a long tubular bulb for a long, drawn out idea, or it may be a short bulb. You may be wondering why an Edison light bulb. Well, I love the vintage look. I have an old soul but am young at heart.

I love repurposing old items into new pieces. Everything deserves a second chance to be something. Whether that something is an old window, spindles from a banister, or a metal suitcase, they all deserve to be looked at and turned into your works of art.

Furniture by the side of the road (what I like to call fallen lumber) or furniture next to, or in your apartment’s dumpster(s) are free beginnings!

Join me, as we search for our “second chance” pieces. It could be a frame that needs some updating, or an end table that caught your eye at the thrift store.

Thanks for visiting!,
Jill, the girl with the paint pail


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  1. Nice to meet you Jill!..It must be so great to work with that fabulous Barbara!

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