Free Fabric Painting Class, this Saturday!…Plus, Other News!

I hope your holidays were filled with peace and joy!  We escaped to Lake Tahoe, for a white Christmas.  (This photo was taken on Christmas morning, facing north.) This photo was taken near sunset, on Christmas, from a similar vantage point.  What a difference! By the way, we don’t normally make so many visits to […]

New Fabric Stenciling Class this Saturday!

Remember 1989, if you were alive then, when every respectable creative-type had grape leaves stenciled around her kitchen.  If not grape leaves, it was little French blue houses, with mauve hearts scattered between them.   Fear not, stenciling is back!      Fabric is really a great surface for stenciling.  Painter’s drop cloths are wonderful […]

Bring a Friend to our Art & Wine Night ($20 off each friend!)

For my local friends, I have a fun night planned, on September 26th! That’s a Thursday night, from six until 9 PM. We will paint, eat, drink, tell stories and laugh! This is a simple, pre-sketched picture, on a canvas and all supplies are included! Make your own color variations, if you please. Don’t tell […]

Grain Sack Table Runner

How can you not like a grain sack table runner? I got the idea from a customer, who came in to buy a second grain sack. I asked her what she did with them and she said that they make a great table runner! Since the bottom of the sack is seamless, you take your […]

Card Making Party!

This is for all of my local lovelies!, If you have never made greeting cards, you’re in for some fun! I can just hear you now, “I don’t do paper crafting!”. But, trust me, I said the same thing a couple of years ago! You get some women together, with some wine, appetizers and glue […]

The Treasured Home Opens Soon!

It has been so much fun, making an antique and DIY workshop out of an office suite! (I remember showing the space to a few friends before any work was done and I could almost “hear” the doubt.) Everything has just come together, though, almost magically…as though it was meant to be. (Yes, I believe […]

Making a Lavender Wreath (Plus a Little Family Stuff)

It was time for “Monday Night Football”, last night, so I headed to the craft store. I found these really sweet mini grapevine wreaths for $2.99 each, at Joanne’s. Since I buy lavender in bulk, from a farm here in California, I had plenty of it on hand. For me, lavender is one of the […]

Shopping for the Shop

I was happy to hear that my hot pink desk set has found a new home! In a color like hot pink, you never know if someone else will love it as much as you do! A few of my gift show orders have come in and I placed another order today! Sort of like […]

Blue and White Ticking (Let Me Count the Ways!)

What would you do, if you had a couple of yards of fabric left over from a project? I dare say that most of us would neatly tuck that extra fabric into some free cupboard space. Not me. I have come up with 50 ways (nearly), to use blue and white ticking. First and foremost […]

How to Make a Simple Fall Wreath

Hello Dear Blog Sisters!, First of all, a big thank you to everyone who gave me the positive feedback about seagrass. I’m ready to place my order! This is that the style I decided to go with… I understand that it comes from Georgia and that since the trucks are taking longer to fill these […]

Planning Ahead for the Holidays (Making a Winter Pinwheel)

You may say that I am “jumping the gun”. But the thing that makes the holidays so stressful, is that it all comes at once! Plus, having a retail shop during the holidays is going to bump everything up a notch! While at the gift show, I saw all sorts of paper crafts that I […]