Great Homes for $985,000

Hello there, Sisters! I was just checking out The New York Times, on line and saw a headline, “Homes for $985,000”. While I’ve never linked to the Times, on my blog before, this is a tour worth taking, if you have the few minutes it will take! Being a Californian, where it’s hard to find […]

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

When we were kids, my older sister and I would have beauty contests! Of course, being the oldest, she was also the judge! We would stand in front of the mirror, striking our most glamorous poses, that an eight-year-old could manage, before she was judged to be the most beautiful! We still laugh about those […]

A Decade of Changes In Our Living Room

Thanks to those wonderful little furniture moving pads, that I discovered as a home stager, I can make my living room sofa do a three-sixty, in nothing flat! So over the years, I’ve tried lots of variations, without measurable success. Early on, I had a slipcovered sofa (using my favorite painter’s drop cloths), carpeting…pretty simple. […]

Our San Francisco Condo in Transition

Well, hopefully this post will appear more organized than I feel right now. Over the weekend, we moved, sold, packed up and cleaned our 2nd home, in San Francisco. Now we’re trying to find a place to put everything. I shouldn’t be complaining, because Mr. Wonderful did all the hard stuff. Fortunately, we have storage […]

Making the Most of an Air Mattress for Guests

My sailor son and his wife got into town Friday night, only to drive 3-plus hours to Redding, for a wedding yesterday. Now, they’re heading here, to spend Christmas with us! Woo-hoo! I’ve done my best to make his old empty room into a comfy place to stay, despite the fact that we are still […]

Gorgeous Living Rooms

If life gave me a do-over, I’d gather my courage and build a home with a great big, great room! Beamed ceilings, soaring steel windows, with doors that open wide, to a beautifully designed outdoor room and lush greenery, everywhere. But since most of our homes have both living rooms and family rooms, I thought […]

Our Dining Room Gets Ready For Congressman Lungren

Last spring, at the annual Cristo Rey High School Scholarship Dinner, we auctioned off dinner in our home with our area’s Congressman Lungren. Tomorrow’s the big night and we’re looking forward to a great evening with interesting conversation, new friends and delicious food. With the place all decked out, I thought that this would be […]

Weekend Favorites

My brother is always on the go. Recently, he sent me this picture from the very top of our beloved Golden Gate Bridge! Isn’t this an amazing shot? His back is to San Francisco and Sausalito is straight ahead. He took an elevator up the bridge tower and then climbed a ladder to the top! […]

Come Into Our Living Room…

We’ve recently inherited a number of pieces that belonged to my parents and I have spent time finding just the right spot for each of them. It’s bitter-sweet…losing my parents, but it’s nice to keep things that they loved and that I grew up with, close by. When no one else wanted these large table […]

Our House…Come On In!

As you might recall, my father passed away recently. Compared to my Mother’s passing, when I sobbed for what seemed like weeks, I’ve taken my Dad’s passing much better. I imagine it’s because he was 89 and had lived such a wonderful, long life. Who knows? My four siblings and I made a quick decision […]

Jeffrey Bilhuber’s New Book Out This Week

Jeffrey Bilhuber’s third design book, “American Style” , is due out this week. The new book showcases twelve of his interiors, and there’s a fun interview with him in House Beautiful this month. Two favorite quotes include: “When you hire me, you hire a decorator, not a resourcer.” (In response to a woman looking for […]