Come Into Our Living Room…

We’ve recently inherited a number of pieces that belonged to my parents and I have spent time finding just the right spot for each of them. It’s bitter-sweet…losing my parents, but it’s nice to keep things that they loved and that I grew up with, close by.

When no one else wanted these large table lamps, I decided that they might work in our home. The original shades were a bit much, so I made a hop on over to Lamps Plus and picked up these new shades. I cleaned the lamp and crystals and now we are ready for Liberace to drop by (that is, if he were still alive!).

I bought the wooden horse from a woman who is from Mexico and had the horse carved, when she lived there, for her girls to play on…or so the story goes.

My dad had traveled the world, as a young man in the military. He “flew the hump” during WW2, delivering fuel to China and by the time he retired, in the mid 60’s, he had been to every continent. So, it seemed fitting to me, because of this and my love of travel, to choose his large world map.



My mom loved the little Lalique birds. The geisha was a gift from Bob’s Uncle John. I love the shade of green.

During the day, the room gets nice light and the view includes a patio and white hydrangeas, when blooming. While I love the look of the room, it’s not nearly as comfy as the family room. In my “next life”, I’m going to have a larger family room and nix the living room. Do you use your living room?

Well, thanks for stopping by! See you next time and be well.


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  1. Living in 860 square feet, it is all living room!

  2. no! I’ve had 100 people in my house, and the living room is rarely used, everyone hangs out in the family room. I want to turn the living romo into a big dining room, which we would use.

  3. Barbara..your living room is just STUNNING and picture perfect. Love it! How wonderful that you found a place for each of your parents things, to be loved, cherished and enjoyed. Thank you for sharing, you have a beautiful touch in how you decorate!

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