Birthday Party, Thursday, 4-6 p.m., at the Shop…Plus, What’s New!

Hello, Sunshine!, Yes, May is a couple of months from now, but I know how busy y’all are and want to make sure you pencil us in! True confessions! I’ve made a few buying mistakes, for the Tahoe Fixer, including these beauties, above and below! Oh, and then these chairs I ordered (slip-covered) didn’t work. […]

What’s New at The Treasured Home

      Even though it doesn’t feel much like fall, I’m hoping that if I bring in some beautiful, cozy goodies, for my friends, cool weather will come.      Jill milk painted some surf board stripes on this vintage ironing board.  I think it will make a cool sofa table, or even a breakfast […]

News from The Treasured Home

Ho, ho, ho! Debbie, Patti and I spent the day tagging Christmas ornaments for the shop. It felt like there were about 5000 of them! By the time this photo was taken, I was ready to call it a day! A bird in the hair is worth two in the bush! Yes, I love this […]

Santa’s Been to the Shop (and FREE shipping for MMS Milk Paint!)

Hello dear lovelies!, true to form, I have a shop update for you. And just in case you’re local, it will hopefully encourage you to visit the shop, for Saturday’s Open House Party! The mimosas would be enough for me…but that’s just me! Well, along with the wind and rain, came Santa and his eight […]

New at the Shop

Will you do me a huge favor? If I am boring you with what’s going on at the shop, will you please tell me? It’s sort of all that I focus on these days. Yes, my daily activities seem to fall into one of the following: 1. Looking for things to sell 2. Painting things […]

Skirted Vintage Furniture

While visiting Aunt Jewell and family, in St. Charles, Illinois, we stopped in a favorite shop, in Geneva. It’s called Artemisia, and they have a wonderful mix of products, both old and new. I noticed two pieces of furniture, dressers actually, with ticking and burlap skirts. I don’t know how practical they are, but they […]

New at Veranda Antiques

Hello again! If you’re a lover of all things French, we have a new beauty, staying with us! From the late 1800’s, this amazing 12-light crystal chandy has been well cared for and in near-perfect condition. There are still crystals to be hung, but trust me, when I say this piece is truly stunning! These […]

Calling All Lamp Lovers

Greetings, sweet cherubs!, We have a number of antique lamps here at the Treasured Home. Well, officially, they may not be antiques (100 years old) because electric light wasn’t all that common in 1912…was it? Whether vintage or antique, a good lamp will usually outlive the shade that came with it. Often you’ll be able […]

Estate Sale on the River

Oh my! I absolutely love a good estate sale and today, Lora, the Head Honcho at Veranda Antiques called, to let me know there was a great one, close to home! I dropped everything and made a “bee line” for this wonderful home on the American River! Does the picture give you any clues as […]

Replacing a Recessed Light with an Antique Pendant Light

If you were here for my last post, showing you the fruits of shopping for my spring wardrobe at Target, you might remember that I mentioned that I’d rather buy something new for the home, than a new designer sweater. That’s me. Everyone sets their priorities differently. There’s no right or wrong. Only a few […]

Lillian August Showroom, NYC

When I’m in New York, you may recall that I love to visit the Lillian August Showroom! In another case of “the pictures don’t do it justice”, I hope you can visit her Connecticut or New York stores soon. Showcased, is a terrific blend of the new and the old. Like the old shoe trees […]