5 Favorite Tools For Painting Success


Using the proper products and tools for the job, really does make a difference. At the shop, we have a sample board, that shows the different finishes, created by different quality brushes…everything from dollar store brushes to hand-made European brushes. The difference is significant!

(We recommend that new painters start out with a basic group of quality products, so you don’t break the bank. Once you determine that you love furniture painting, you can always add to your toolbox.)

  • 1 Brushes: Zebra makes an excellent fine-bristle brush that our customers love. My favorites are the 1” round brush and the Palm Pro.
  • 2 Micro-felt roller cover, roller frame and small paint tray. If you’re painting a large flat surface, like a tabletop, this is the best roller cover on the market. It’s a time saver and will help you avoid brush strokes. The big trick to remember is to always offload as much paint out of your roller cover, as possible. Put some muscle into it!
  • 3 Fusion’s TSP Alternative: This is a great non-toxic cleaner and degreaser. It’s very concentrated. Just one cap-full per liter of water. Remember, cleaning is not optional.
  • 4 Fusion Mineral Paint, of course! It goes a long way! Usually, one pint is enough to paint six dining room chairs.
  • 5 Fusion’s Matte Tough Coat (poly acrylic) – While wax gives a beautiful finish, Tough Coat is just as the name implies, very tough! Important note: Turn bottle upside down, 15 minutes, prior to using, to mix the matte properties with the rest of the poly acrylic. Never shake any poly acrylic, to avoid bubbles on your surface. Finally, apply poly in thin coats, with an applicator pad or sponge brush.

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