Life as a Furniture Painter

Hello dearest!, I hope the sun is shining on you, this Monday morning! What’s new? So sweet of you to ask! Right about now, I wish I lived in Oregon, where there is no sales tax! I need to get my SalesTax filed and paid by the end of the month. You may remember that […]

Phone-less In Raleigh

What a dope! I left the house without my iPhone! This is like leaving my brain behind. It’s my camera, my email, my WordPress, my Words With Friends my everything! Know what I mean? So, I’m going to improvise, using my first-generation iPad. I got to the airport, went through the top-notch security system and […]

Spray Painting Like the Pros!

Months ago, I went to an estate sale at a beautiful home in Sierra Oaks, one of Sacramento’s nicer neighborhoods. I found a number of things to buy, including two small scale, dark cherry chairs, that were in the master bedroom. Do you remember when dark cherry wood furniture was so popular in the 80s? […]

All My Notes From Haven (Tips to Grow Your Blog!)

Hello again!, Yes, I know, you’ve heard me say several times now, how great the Haven conference was! Not only did I learn tons of wonderful tips to grow my blog, DIY tips and thriftiness secrets, I met some really lovely women! Now, I added some pictures of new friends at the end, you’ll see, […]

Repairing a Stripped Screw (Giving Our 50 Year Old Picnic Table New Life)

Hi there!, Have you ever tried to repair a piece of furniture, with a stripped out screw? Nope, neither have I. But Mr. Wonderful showed me how and you may want to know how to do this someday. Or, not. This fabulous tutorial, and I use that term loosely, was done on a 50 year […]

Cool Square

I have the coolest new gadget on the block! It’s called the “square”! It allows me to sell something at a street fair or even on Craig’s List, via credit card….on my iPhone! You don’t have to have an iPhone. It works on other phones and is so simple! I had to check out several […]