News from the shop!

Hello gorgeous!   It’s St. Patty’s Day evening.  Papa and I are settling down, after a yummy crock pot, full of ye old corned beef!  Have you done the 23 and me thing? I did and I don’t believe I have any Irish blood in me.  I still love corned beef! Darlene and I spent […]

So, It’s Been a While!

Greetings!, Did you miss me?  No, you don’t have to answer that! Anyway, just at the moment, when I was going to slit my technologically impaired wrists, I think I’ve discovered an app for my Ipad that may just save me from the brink of disaster! I hope your Mother’s Day, was in fact your day!  With […]

Need a gift for your Valentine?

Well, that was fast! My first order placed at the Las Vegas Market, on Monday, arrived today! I brought in the last two, in the six-series line of The Gathering of Friends Cookbooks. I’m always amazed by how many of my customers have collected all or part of the series and love them! Expert and […]

My best all-time estate sale find!

Trust me. I have many more experiences, of finding and purchasing items at estate sales, that I should never have purchased, but did. But on this particular day, about a year ago, I found this French confit pot, and the seller didn’t know what it was. Hark! Normally, if you looked on eBay or in […]

New at The Treasured Home

Easy come, easy go. Mr. Wonderful put shelves into this old lacquered Chinese cabinet. I bid a fond farewell to it this afternoon! Lee, a dear customer, had been coming to visit this piece and the two of them became fast friends! With that piece gone, I did lots of moving and shaking around the […]

Trader Joe’s Deal Alert (for our kitchen table)

Well, it all started when I got these sweet blue-and-white china plates. I found them last weekend at an estate sale, for two dollars each. Then, yesterday, I was at Trader Joe’s, And found these darling topiaries, for $6.99 each! By the way I sell the crusty urns (reproduction) at the shop. As you can […]

Bella Fiore, “Florist to the Stars!”

Greetings, lovebirds!, I stopped in at my favorite old town Fair Oaks florist, Bella Fiore, this morning. The lovely and talented floral designer, Dawn Conyers, was busy preparing a floral birthday cake for a client! Is that sweet, or what?! Of course, I had to take the picture, with her back to the store room! […]

Santa’s Been to the Shop (and FREE shipping for MMS Milk Paint!)

Hello dear lovelies!, true to form, I have a shop update for you. And just in case you’re local, it will hopefully encourage you to visit the shop, for Saturday’s Open House Party! The mimosas would be enough for me…but that’s just me! Well, along with the wind and rain, came Santa and his eight […]

How Was Your 4th? (More Tips for Easier Entertaining)

Well, after all the planning and anticipation, our neighborhood 4th of July party went on without a hitch! Mr. Wonderful and I had a lot of fun, which is a good thing, because happy hosts make for happy guests. Hostess Rule #1: Nothing’s worth getting all stressed out about! Trust me, I’ve been there! Guests […]

Around the House (Summer Mantle Update and …)

Well, I may be a little behind schedule, but it’s never too late for a mantle update! It’s been looking like this for a while, and I thought it was looking a little dull, for the summer months. Everything’s looking kind of… brown! Can’t have that! Croquet balls should be kind of summery. But they […]

Easter Breakfast in the Kitchen

Easter greetings to you! We’re starting our Easter morning bright and early, this year. All of you with little ones, anxious to see what the Easter Bunny brought, are up early too! Wrappers flying, fingers sticky, with more energy than a freight train. I remember those days, looking back fondly. Some days, wishing I could […]