Looking Ahead; Personal and Spiritual Growth in the Coming Year

Thoughts About Spiritual Well-Being Do you believe in God, or a supreme being? This may be a surprising and possibly uncomfortable question, posted here, since I am most often writing about the material world, as I know it. One of the benefits of getting older though, for me, is a better understanding of my spiritual existence. […]

The Cost of a Dream – Fleaing France

Hello my friends, I thought I’d pass along some inspiring words, from a blogging friend, Simone. (Her name even sounds frenchy, no?) She writes a beautiful blog called Fleaing France. She’s an American who followed her dream and is now living in France, searching for treasures to share with us, in her on line shop. […]

Happy 14th Anniversary to Us!

Hello, my dears!, As you probably gathered, today is our 14th anniversary and Mr. Wonderful just made me breakfast in bed. We were later in life, before finding our true love. I was a single mom for five years and was trying to just focus on my business and kids. Bob (aka, Mr. Wonderful), was […]

Fundraiser for Newtown & Sandy Hook School

Greetings, sweet ones, There are so many kind people in the world! They somehow help make up for the “rotten apples”. At least just a little bit. Kat, at Kat’s Kalamities, referred me to a generous soul, named Karin, at Art Is Beauty. She has donated one of her beautiful paintings to the Newtown School […]

The Many Gifts of Friendship

Hello there, I’m sitting here, at the shop, ready to call it a day soon. Thank my lucky stars, I love it here. While I may be jumping the gun, Patti, Joaquin and PR Director/Friend, Jini, helped me decorate the shop for Christmas, Tuesday night. Mr. Wonderful picked up pizza and we all had a […]

The Gift of Empathy

One of the characteristics I most admire today, is that of empathy. Especially since so many in our world are getting by with less. Do you know what I mean? “In your face” conspicuous consumption doesn’t sit real well with me at this time, considering our economic conditions. It’s not as though I feel like […]

Accepting “The Nester” Challenge (Dear Me)

Whenever I get the chance, I visit The Nesting Place This week, she wrote a beautiful post, entitled Dear Me. She invited us to write our own letters of advice, to our 16 year old selves, in honor of her sister’s new book debut. Her sister writes the blog, Chatting at the Sky, and I […]

A Favorite Childhood Memory

Hello there! I’m up at the family house, at Lake Tahoe, for the week. We’ve just said goodbye to the last friends to visit. I love enjoying the company of good friends and I also love sitting back, enjoying the solitude. This is the best of both worlds! Since I have no furniture projects to […]

The Gift of Lake Tahoe (Thanks Mom & Dad)

Forty-two years ago, my Mom and Dad found their second home at Lake Tahoe. Back in 1970, you could buy a lake view home, for “peanuts”, by today’s standards. While my two older sisters were off to college, my younger sister, brother and I, would spend every other week up here, with our parents joining […]

Taking Inventory

Manifesto – man-i-fes-to: a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives or motives, as one issued by a government, sovereign, or organization This morning, Marian, at Miss Mustard Seed has one of her amazing, heartfelt posts, that include a personal “manifesto” by a friend/follower, Amy. Marian, herself, has written about her own personal goals and challenges […]

An Amazing Life Saver

Forget about the fact that you don’t have diabetes. Forget about the fact that no one close to you suffers from diabetes. Chances are though, that somebody close to you does have this disease. Until recently, I didn’t understand the challenges that many parents have, when they have children with serious diabetic issues. I know […]