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Hello my friends,

I thought I’d pass along some inspiring words, from a blogging friend, Simone. (Her name even sounds frenchy, no?) She writes a beautiful blog called Fleaing France. She’s an American who followed her dream and is now living in France, searching for treasures to share with us, in her on line shop.

In this post, she talks about following her dream and encourages us to do the same. I find it a little bit scary to put dreams into words. Or to share them with others.

While I don’t expect to ever move to France full-time, my dream is to learn enough about antique and treasure hunting in Europe, to do it profitably and maybe even offer tours there myself, with the help of local experts.

What are you dreaming about? Have you put it into words? I hope you enjoy Simone’s post, as much as I did!

February 6, 2013 by Simone B.

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Dreams are required.

Without them we only exist in today. Looking toward tomorrow brings hope and at times, makes dealing with ‘today’ possible.

I am a thinker. All the time. I was too busy existing to dream…..until I read an article about a woman 45+ who moved to France for a year…..to experience it. The thought that it was possible to do something like that had a huge impact on me. I was 35.

The particulars of the article escape me, but the thought of a life ‘after’ was indelibly etched in my brain. It sparked something in me, allowing me to dream beyond my life at the time. Did I think I would live France? Absolutely not. Did I think that I would one day go to France? From that day forward, yes.

Margaret Thatcher said something to the effect that “there is a high cost to living this big life” when referring to following her dream. I believe that to be true.

A dream will take you on a journey. It will change you, cause you to expand the way you see things, grow. You may not see it but others will…..and some may be uncomfortable with the change. No matter what the relationship – spouse, parent, child, friend – we each play a specific role and there is a comfort in the consistency of that. Once growth begins, the role played – or the way it is played – in a relationship can change, upsetting the consistent. It is an adjustment….but those that are important in your life will adjust and catch up with you.

Keep going, keep moving forward…..and remember….this journey is preparing you for when the dream becomes a reality.



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  1. As I get older, I’ve had to let go of some dreams…but I’ve managed to replace them with alternative dreams. The important thing here, is to never stop dreaming! Never! Enjoy your weekend Barbara! 😉

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