Changes are Headed our Way!

Well kids! It’s official!  The shop is kind of a controlled mess!  I added the word controlled, to make it sound like I’ve got it all figured out! Don’t be fooled! Let’s start with a picture of a cute new top!  But this is just the beginning!  Right now, you’ll also find a new line […]

Looking for a Unique Bathroom Remodel?

I think that this bathroom remodel wins the prize! (I’m not sure what the prize is, but there should be one!) Speaking of creativity, Jim, a new customer at the shop, came in recently, with his wife. We got to talking about furniture restoration and he told me about his piano/workstation. An old, well-loved piano, […]

Our Son’s Room Make-Over

Well, it’s been more than two years since our son lived in this room. Trust me, it looked completely different then! The bed and nightstand came from our condo in San Francisco and this wonderful chest was purchased, not long ago, from an estate sale. The fiber glass plantation shutters do a wonderful job keeping […]

My Mother’s Reclaimed Vanity Chair

Since my dear Dad passed away, my four sibs and I have taken our share of my parents “treasures”. One of the last things to be adopted was my Mom’s bathroom vanity chair. My mother, the eternal “beauty queen”, started each and every day in this chair, “putting on her face”. How could I let […]

Frugalicious Friday

Just because you’re on a limited budget, doesn’t mean you have to forsake a new perk-me-up for the home, now and then…especially if it comes from Target. A few years ago, when I was staging homes for sale, Target was my home-away-from-home. I could find just about everything under the sun, to give a home […]

Cabinet Hardware, Part 2

Well, as promised, I added cabinet hardware to what was, the kids’ “Jack and Jill” bathroom, this week. Before… After… I’ve mixed a round white porcelain knob with silver polka dots, on the doors, with brushed nickel pulls for the drawers. Installing cabinet hardware is one way to add some instant pizazz to any room. […]

Cabinet Hardware, the Finishing Touch

We’ve lived in our home for nine years now and I’m slowly adding cabinet hardware, to the many unadorned cabinets doors and drawers. I’m sure the previous owners built the house that way, in an effort to save money. But, pulls and knobs are beautiful as well as functional. They’re sort of like wearing the […]

Spectacular Design Showhouse

Oh my! This year’s SF Design Showhouse is jaw-dropping spectacular!! As if the Pacific Heights neighborhood isn’t fabulous enough, the house is truly remarkable. The checkerboard marble entry floor appears to be original but the entry walls are as smooth and lacquered as that of a new cocoa colored new car. Walk to your right, […]

San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Every year, I look forward to a wonderful day with my women friends, as we visit the San Francisco Decorator Showcase . I am always inspired and amazed by what the creative design geniuses come up with each year. The homes are usually located in prime San Francisco areas, boasting a gorgeous view. The homes, […]

Delicious Tile Options

A client of mine is planning to spruce up her kitchen, by adding a tile backsplash above the granite counters. So, off I went, to Natural Stone Design Gallery, on Power Inn Road, in Sacramento, Natural Stone Design Gallery. With granite countertops, you want to select a very simple backsplash, to compliment the natural movement […]

A Powder Room Fit for Company

Holidays are synonymous with entertaining. And if you’re having friends over, don’t neglect the bathrooms, when creating your to-do list. A guest bath can be fun and elegant. Since they’re typically small, you can perk them up for next to nothing. Put yourself in your guest’s position. First on my list is that the space […]