Changes are Headed our Way!

Well kids!

It’s official!  The shop is kind of a controlled mess!  I added the word controlled, to make it sound like I’ve got it all figured out! Don’t be fooled!

Let’s start with a picture of a cute new top!  But this is just the beginning!  Right now, you’ll also find a new line of jeans that I think you’ll love.  3 Styles…boot cut, straight cut jeggings and girlfriend style jeans.   The fit is wonderful and I love that they retail in the $60’s, instead of they $90’s!

Please do me a huge favor and try them on.  The line was highly recommended, by a number of other retailers, I know.  I hope you love them!

Cut Loose should arrive in the next coupl of days, along with other lines within the coming week.  Just in the nick of time!

Holy smokes!! When we have a sale, you show up!  Thanks a million  your amazing support!  

Have no fear, there are still plenty of great deals! at 50-60% Off! 

We have a bunch of beautiful pieces, headed our way.  Unpacking new arrivals is always so much fun!  Steaming new arrivals is not a favorite activity!

Meet Beth (R), with her daughter Jenny!(L) Beth wishes you could see the ruffle on the end of her 3/4 length sleeves.  Jenny is dreading the drive to college with her mother, but loves her new tunic, from The Treasured Home!  She knows her boyfriend will be the major topic of discussion!  Mom just doesn’t remember that mistakes happen!  So what if he spent some time in prison?  He’s got great life goals and is even planning to get his GED real soon!

Now where was I?  Oh yes!  A pallet from a favorite home decor wholesaler arrived Wednesday.  We’re still unpacking that! But I do love this new mirror…

And the cows are back! I love cows and these are beauties!

Yes, this is Christmas and there are two other major Christmas decor deliveries on their way! I placed the orders last January, at Market, pre-Covid.  I sure hope you folks are ready to do some shopping!  Lucky you! We have nearly zero storage, so it will all be on display real soon!

Be sure to check out Jill’s treasures, when you stop by next time!  She’s almost settled in Idaho and has started her job at UPS.  So far, so good!  She could use your support, to help with the moving expenses.  🤗

Well, that’s about it for now.  Keep smiling and don’t forget to say your prayers! (That’s what I still tell my kids!)

Happy trails, until we meet again,


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