Join us for an upcoming event!

Greetings!, I hope you had a stellar weekend! The shop was busy this weekend as a half-dozen women turned the ordinary into their own personal creations! The next event at the shop, is our first ever Art & Wine Night, Thursday, September 26th at 6 pm! We’ll unleash our creativity, while enjoying some vino, appetizers […]

Latest Projects & Finds!

Hello there! Now that I’m back in the “thick of it” at the shop, blogging isn’t nearly as consistent as I ‘d like it to be. There are just not enough hours in a day! And the shop seems to magnify all my ADD tendencies. Talk about distractions! Well, enough about all that! Here’s the […]

More News from the Shop!

Hello again!, It’s Friday night and before I lock the door, just a few more things to share! Mr. Wonderful hung my vintage shelf racks. Love that guy! Linstening to Linda Rondstatt on Pandora. Some things just never go out if style! I gave this girl a new lease on life, with MMS Milk Paint […]

My New Laughing Goat…(Happenings at the shop!)

I have a new friend at the shop! I call him “the laughing goat”, because he looks so happy. Today was my first full day, back at the shop. I leave, knowing that everyone’s in good hands, with Patti there! She sold a number of large pieces, while I was gone, so I did lots […]

Need a vanity, darling?

Have you ever sat at a vanity, to put on your war paint? I think my mom used to say she was “putting on her face”! Like there wasn’t a face there before! It seems like all the movie stars used to sit at their vanity, brushing their thick, wavy hair. Or, applying their red […]

Chalk Painted Buffet Gets Glazed

Hello, dear friend!, You may recall that a few weeks ago,a customer at the shop was downsizing. She brought a wonderful buffet to the shop, and it has slowly made a change for the better! Here she is after just a quick topcoat, to test a color. The rest of her is wearing a blond […]

August is Milk Paint Month!

I have decided to make August “Milk Paint Month”, here at The Treasured Home! In honor of all my wonderful on line and shop customers, who faithfully purchase milk paint, I’m going to break my chalk addiction and explore the natural wonders of this paint! Being a lazy bum, I love to just pop open […]

We Have A Winner!

Martha, we have a winner! Thanks to all my local lovelies, who were able to stop by and enjoy the paint party! We were all running around like mad women and I completely forgot to take pictures! Linda, from Lodi, won the 3rd Place Prize, of 1 can of furniture paint, a can of wax, […]

The Paint Extravaganza Is Today!

Are you looking for an addictive hobby that lets you express your creativity? I’m talking about a hobby with no right or wrong. Nothing happens, if you drop a stitch, or a paint brush, for that matter! This is the safe, welcoming world of furniture painting. It’s all about the “what if’s” and the “why […]