Happenings at the Shop this Week!

Hey sweetness!, I’m early this week, but I have important news to share! First of all, let me whine for a bit! It’s only Monday, as I begin this post.  I’ve spent at least three hours, trying to get two software programs to talk nice to each other.  That means waiting for “customer support”. I […]

Fall Workshop Schedule is Now Online!

Greetings, friend! My web designer is ready to put me in detention, if I add anymore workshops to the schedule!  It’s sort of like the Three Stooges in a fire drill, trying to get it all online and accurate. (Many of you don’t know the Three Stooges, but they weren’t terribly sharp!) Many of you […]

Free Fabric Painting Class, this Saturday!…Plus, Other News!

I hope your holidays were filled with peace and joy!  We escaped to Lake Tahoe, for a white Christmas.  (This photo was taken on Christmas morning, facing north.) This photo was taken near sunset, on Christmas, from a similar vantage point.  What a difference! By the way, we don’t normally make so many visits to […]

Fall Festival Vintage Market, this Sunday, 10-3 p.m.

Hello friends!, We are approaching my favorite time of the year…Fall!  I know it’s a favorite for many of us. We’re also getting ready for our Fall Festival Vintage Market!  This Sunday, from 10-3, we’ll be welcoming old customers and new! We’ll have the coffee on and the first 25 customers will receive a welcome gift! […]

Birthday Party, Thursday, 4-6 p.m., at the Shop…Plus, What’s New!

Hello, Sunshine!, Yes, May is a couple of months from now, but I know how busy y’all are and want to make sure you pencil us in! True confessions! I’ve made a few buying mistakes, for the Tahoe Fixer, including these beauties, above and below! Oh, and then these chairs I ordered (slip-covered) didn’t work. […]

Save the Date!

Yes, I know it’s over a month away, but I also know how you travel at the “speed of sound”, so please pencil our next Vintage Market, on to your calendar. We’re all working hard to stock up on new treasures and are praying for a sunny day! You can also find our Classes posted, for March 26th, resuming in May, […]

Cabinet Painting Class this Saturday. Paint your kitchen cabinets now, to enjoy this holiday season!

Where do your friends and family gather, each and every time they visit?  In the kitchen, of course!       The kitchen photos above, were sent to us, by a happy homeowner, who recently painted her kitchen with our Amy Howard One-Step Paints.    Have you been looking at your oak cabinets, with disdain? Do […]

An Amazing Mirror Make-Over

It all started with this over the top, antique reproduction mirror.  Yes, another Craig’s List find! I knew that it was a prime candidate for our not-so-secret specialty finish! No, this isn’t One Step, but what good things ever come from just One Step, unless we’re talking a move away from the refrigerator, at 9 […]

There’s Still Room for you to Create a Milk Painted Masterpiece!

   As you probably know, we sell both chalk and milk paints, at The Treasured Home.  We teach classes, using both products, yet month after month, there’s less demand for our milk painting class, which leaves me scratching my head, in wonder. Or, is that the bed bugs? (Yes, that was a joke!)    Maybe […]

New Fabric Stenciling Class this Saturday!

Remember 1989, if you were alive then, when every respectable creative-type had grape leaves stenciled around her kitchen.  If not grape leaves, it was little French blue houses, with mauve hearts scattered between them.   Fear not, stenciling is back!      Fabric is really a great surface for stenciling.  Painter’s drop cloths are wonderful […]

Milk Paint Adventures and Other News

By now, I hope you have all met Jill.  Here she is, working on our latest conquest! This vanity, that could double as a desk, if you like gazing at yourself in the mirror, has been appropriately named, Atlanta. Believe it or not, this is the vanity Mr. Wonderful’s mother, Atlanta, sat at each day. […]