Fall Workshop Schedule is Now Online!

Greetings, friend!

My web designer is ready to put me in detention, if I add anymore workshops to the schedule!  It’s sort of like the Three Stooges in a fire drill, trying to get it all online and accurate. (Many of you don’t know the Three Stooges, but they weren’t terribly sharp!)

Many of you asked for us to schedule another Dressed Up Serving Tray Class.  We have just 7 spots left, for this class on September 15th!

I’m also super excited about this new Painted Bench Class at the end of October.  Nowhere in the universe, can you find a 4 foot, well-made, solid wood bench to paint in the colors of your choice, for $85.00! (This stencil isn’t available!)

If you would like to stencil the seat of your bench, you can return the following day, and stencil your bench, for an additional $29!

Take the Farmhouse Sign Class, the next day, or bring your bench back to stencil it, with any of these 5 designs!

Check out our Rustic Wreath Sign Class, on October 7th! Everything’s included and you pick your rusty word of choice!


Did you know that the Fair Oaks Chicken Festival is Sunday, September 16th? To celebrate, Susanne is teaching a Paint & Sip class, in honor of our neighborhood Chicken friends!  Pre-traced, I promise you’ll create a masterpiece!

There’s more, so go to https://www.thetreasuredhome.com/classes/  and sign up!  Cancel ALL other plans and join us! It’s the right thing to do!


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