Changes at the Shop

Hello! Last weekend, I couldn’t pass up this vanity, that was past its prime. I removed the skirt and top cover and got busy on it tonight. Sewing is something that I can do, if it involves straight lines. So, making a new skirt for this table was within my skill set. Sure, I could […]

1/2 Off on Maison Blanche Furniture Paint!

If you live in Michigan, Wyoming or Washington, sorry…today’s blog post is not for you. But for my local friends…dear people, addicted to the art of furniture painting, here in the Sacramento area, …this is for you! Maison Blanche is NOW half-off, at The Treasured Home! Yes! Wax, paint (at $19.50), crackle, Glacage,.. it’s all […]

June Class Schedule

Dear Friends of The Treasured Home, Another month has passed us by! What are you waiting for? Come paint with me! The Free Wednesday Workshop is going strong! If you aren’t sure about which paint to try first, this weekly session is perfect for you! Just call the shop at 916/514-5272 or go on line, […]

New Life for an Antique Bed

One of my dear customers, bought this bed and dresser, at the shop, for her daughter, before I could paint it. This was one of our most challenging projects. These pieces had been neglected for some time. Mr. Wonderful worked his magic on the bed and Patti and I took it from there. This filler […]

How to Paint an Aged Finish

Happy Mother’s Day dear lovelies!, It’s actually the day before Mother’s Day, as I write yet another spell-binding post, chronicling the life of a scavenger/furniture painter. My back’s on ice and I’m pretending my diet Pepsi is a Mai Tai. Not easy. Several months ago, in fact, before Christmas, someone brought two table bases to […]

My New Coffee Table Make-Over!

Do you have a room in your house that doesn’t feel finished? For me, that would be our living room. I have been wanting for it to be more comfortable. So, I replaced a glass topped coffee table, with an antique Chinese chest. I wanted something you could put your feet up on. The antique […]

Trying to Fool Mother Nature

They say it isn’t nice to fool Mother Nature. But, I have a new table top, that Mr. Wonderful made, to go on an old, wonderful table base, so I’ve got to fake it! Micki Coles, at Great Walls Supply, on the east coast, is another MMS Milk Paint retailer, in Charlotte, North Carolina. She […]

New Furniture Pricing at The Treasured Home!

Is anyone buying furniture? Beautifully restored and/or painted antiques? I’d love to sell my lovely pieces because I have to make room for the pieces, waiting in the wings, aka storage and garage! The only conclusion I can make is that my prices aren’t low enough. So, I’ve lowered most furniture in the shop, by […]

April Class Schedule

Greetings! I wish you all lived next door and could join me at The Treasured Home, for painting classes! If you are in the Sacramento area, there’s no time like the present, to begin your addiction to furniture painting! I can’t get enough! Ill be attending an in-depth, full day class, in Sonoma, next month. […]

Candid Camera! Painting Class Photo Collages

Hello Darling! (I hope it’s OK that I call you “darling”, since I call most everyone “darling” or “sweetheart”!) For some reason, it bugs me when someone, particularly a man, other than Mr. Wonderful, calls me “honey”, so go figure! Are you too young to remember Loretta Young? I think she called people “darling”! I […]

What’s In Your Garage? (Painting Projects!)

The rumor is, that many people use their garages for cars. We lost that memo. This is Mr. Wonderful’s version of a “man cave”. As long as there’s a TV to watch sports, life is good! I don’t know what I’d do without him! After some repair work, this is going to be a beautiful […]