Commonly asked furniture painting questions

Greetings!, The folks at Porch.com asked me and other seasoned furniture painters, to offer their best tips for successful furniture painting. As someone who loves to give advice, to her children and furniture painters (a much more receptive audience), I was happy to chime in! You might find these tips helpful! Furniture Renovation Q&A Painting […]

Featured Blogger: Stacey at Embracing Change

Greetings!, If you are a lover of all things milk paint, or even curious about it, you’ll be in good company, with Stacey at Embracing Change!  She was featured on Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint blog this week.  I think she could paint circles around me! Stacey lives in Pennsylvania, where to her husband’s dismay, she has a […]

Gwen Moss Was Here!

Do you know Gwen Moss, the blog written by the lovely, smart and multi-talented Leslie Harris? No? Well, I hope you find an extra few minutes to wander her way! Leslie is an energetic woman who, from my vantage point, never stops learning. She’s not afraid of risk or change. I believe I read that […]

Our Home Was Featured, in “About Arden”!

Greetings!, My “15 minutes of fame” continues! The feature article, about our home is now in print! I said it before, and I’ll say it again, this is not “Traditional Home or any other great national publication, but it sure was fun and it gets lots of attention on a local level. Tyler, the Wonder […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Karen of Art by Karena

If you haven’t had the chance to meet her, this is the perfect opportunity! Karen, or Karena as she’s becoming known, (sounds much more exotic, don’t you think?), is passionate about the arts! That may be an understatement. As an artist herself, as well as a supporter and promoter of other artists, Karen writes Art […]

An Amazing Life Saver

Forget about the fact that you don’t have diabetes. Forget about the fact that no one close to you suffers from diabetes. Chances are though, that somebody close to you does have this disease. Until recently, I didn’t understand the challenges that many parents have, when they have children with serious diabetic issues. I know […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Terri, at La Dolfina

Greetings, dear friends, My series, is back in business! Rather than running these fun bios every Tuesday, we’ll be running it just once a month. I sure enjoy getting to know you all better! This month, we’re meeting up with Terri, at La Dolfina. She’s a California wife, mother and avid collector, living not far […]

Lillian August Showroom, NYC

When I’m in New York, you may recall that I love to visit the Lillian August Showroom! In another case of “the pictures don’t do it justice”, I hope you can visit her Connecticut or New York stores soon. Showcased, is a terrific blend of the new and the old. Like the old shoe trees […]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Jane Schott, Empress of the Eye

Hello darling! (Yes, that’s really what I say when I greet a friend, so let’s get to it!) This week, on the ratings-buster…. …we are meeting up with one of West Palm Beach’s antique experts and the writer of a favorite read of mine, Empress of the Eye. Drum roll, please! Let me introduce Ms. […]

Beautiful Art & Architecture In Our Nations Capitol

Hello friends! Bob, Mr. Wonderful and I “won” a 2-night stay in Washington D.C., at a recent fundraiser and enjoyed lunch with our Congressman, Dan Lungren, in the Member’s dining room today. Lunch was followed by a stellar tour of the Capitol and Congressional Library. In fact, we were able to climb the steps within […]

Annie’s Home & Garden

I visited a friend’s amazingly unique home and garden today and asked if it would be all right if I took pictures for my blog. She said fine, as long as I kept it anonymous. So, respecting her wishes, I have re-named her Annie, short for Anonymous. Annie is a World Traveler (capitalized because it […]