8 Things You Might Not Know About Jane Schott, Empress of the Eye

Hello darling! (Yes, that’s really what I say when I greet a friend, so let’s get to it!)
This week, on the ratings-buster….


…we are meeting up with one of West Palm Beach’s antique experts and the writer of a favorite read of mine, Empress of the Eye. Drum roll, please! Let me introduce Ms. Jane Kilpatrick Schott, who on most days can be found “holding down the fort” at Brass Scale Antiques, on Antique Row.


As you might recall, I spent a wonderful afternoon with Jane, last month, and she introduced me to the “who’s who” of antiques on Antique Row. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Just between you and me, I think Jane missed her calling, on the stage, but what do I know?! Like her cats, I think she living one of her “9 Lives”! Thanks for joining us, Jane! The floor is yours!

I have always been
in the arts.

I love to travel

I designed and my mother
made my prom dress
out of felt.

I’m a Cat Person

I have a fabulous younger
sister with a great name…
Brooke Baird
Kilpatrick Horne

I love a parade

I have a portrait of myself done
by the illustrious illustrator,
Joe Eula, and I was very heavy
at the time.
It is my favorite image of
myself because he captured
my soul..

When my ex-husband bought me a folding
table for Christmas one year
I promptly went out and
bought for myself

Dorothy Parker’s

pearls that were in an auction.
Here I am in Italy taking
them out for an evening of
wit and fun!

So now you know….


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  1. Just adore Jane and this fun post!! Love learning more about one of my favorite blogging friends! And nice to meet you to boot!

  2. What a delightful presentation, a variation on “This Is Your Life” but without no surprises for Jane.

  3. Lisa Vassios says

    The highlight of my morning reading about dear Jane! And I share her name, but mine is spelled Jayne, after Jayne Mansfield (my father’s sense of humor!).

    • Barbara Bussey says

      So, is that “Lisa Jayne” or “Jayne Lisa”? I think we should all be able to rename ourselves, at least several times during our lives. Let’s see, who could I be?

  4. I laughed out loud, when I read the entry about Jane buying herself Dorothy Parker’s pearls – when her ex-husband bought her a folding table for Christmas!

    Good for her!!!!!

    (still giggling)

  5. Barbara Bussey says

    Hi Jennifer,
    Yes, I laughed too! A few years ago, my husband ordered sugglies, you know, the blanket you wear to stay warm?, for Valentine’s Day. I know I’m hard to shop for, so shopping for one’s self always works! Go, Jane!

  6. Oh my gosh. I love Jane. The felt prom dress..how many people know about THAT? I feel like family. And every woman looks good in pearls. Very fun.

  7. Barbara so good to meet you and learn more about Jane. I will look at your other post because I have just started using Annie Sloan paint!

    Art by Karena

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