Using Fusion Stain and Finishing Oil On Raw Wood

In this tutorial you will get a hands on look at how to apply Fusion Stain and Finishing Oil to raw wood furniture pieces! In today’s tutorial, Barbara will show you how use Fusion Stain & Finishing oil to stain and seal raw wood.  This Stain & Finishing oil provides beautiful color and a super […]

Amy Howard’s One-Step Over Fabric

Easy Upholstery Update

Gettin’ My Milk Paint On at the Shop

Greetings fellow countrywomen!, I have a milk paint class on Saturday, so I’ve been mixing and layering colors, in my laboratory! I mentioned the other day, about creating a driftwood look, layering Typewriter and Grain Sack. Then, I started playing around with Kitchen Sink, which falls into the turquoise family. Kitchen Sink was used on […]

Card Making Party!

This is for all of my local lovelies!, If you have never made greeting cards, you’re in for some fun! I can just hear you now, “I don’t do paper crafting!”. But, trust me, I said the same thing a couple of years ago! You get some women together, with some wine, appetizers and glue […]

Bella Fiore, “Florist to the Stars!”

Greetings, lovebirds!, I stopped in at my favorite old town Fair Oaks florist, Bella Fiore, this morning. The lovely and talented floral designer, Dawn Conyers, was busy preparing a floral birthday cake for a client! Is that sweet, or what?! Of course, I had to take the picture, with her back to the store room! […]

Updating an Old Wreath

If you’re like me, you have an old dusty wreath out in the garage, somewhere. I happen to have one such wreath, full of cobwebs and who knows what else, even though I keep it covered with plastic. So, this morning, after letting Mr. Wonderful know that I would be working many evenings on projects […]

Planning Ahead for the Holidays (Making a Winter Pinwheel)

You may say that I am “jumping the gun”. But the thing that makes the holidays so stressful, is that it all comes at once! Plus, having a retail shop during the holidays is going to bump everything up a notch! While at the gift show, I saw all sorts of paper crafts that I […]

Lots of Good News!

Happy beginning of a new week, to you! We’ve all heard about being open to opportunities, to “open doors” that lead to new adventure. I feel like I am at that place, right now. Let me give you an example. Like everyone else, I had heard about the soon-to-be-released, milk paint line, by Marian, aka […]

Covering a Hard to Cover Window

Updating our upstairs We’re in the process of another remodeling project and are going to be replacing the blinds in my son’s room with plantation shutters. But there’s this cute little window above the window seat, that probably should have never been placed where it was. That’s because it’s directly facing the west and lets […]

Repairing a Stripped Screw (Giving Our 50 Year Old Picnic Table New Life)

Hi there!, Have you ever tried to repair a piece of furniture, with a stripped out screw? Nope, neither have I. But Mr. Wonderful showed me how and you may want to know how to do this someday. Or, not. This fabulous tutorial, and I use that term loosely, was done on a 50 year […]

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint’s New Color! (and other paint updates)

Hello y’all!, That’s how I talk, now that I’m back from Atlanta! I really wish I had a southern accent! I think they sound so soft and pretty. I think I’ll spend this week, telling you about some of the great product info I learned, at the Haven conference. Today, let’s talk about paint! Are […]