Gettin’ My Milk Paint On at the Shop

Greetings fellow countrywomen!,

I have a milk paint class on Saturday, so I’ve been mixing and layering colors, in my laboratory!

I mentioned the other day, about creating a driftwood look, layering Typewriter and Grain Sack.

Then, I started playing around with Kitchen Sink, which falls into the turquoise family.

Kitchen Sink was used on the far left sample board. I was surprised that adding one part yellow to two parts Kitchen Sink, hardly changed the outcome (middle board). With half Kitchen Sink and half Mustard Seed Yellow, it became a green that is similar, but not as clean as Luckett’s Green. (Yes, those are my toes, down below! More expert photography to come!)

Now, on this sweet little shelf, I wasn’t happy with how the chalk based paint had distressed. So, what do you do? You re-paint it, of course! This time with the Kitchen Sink and Mustard Seed Yellow (2 to 1). I left it all by itself, last night at the shop. And when I returned this morning, it was slightly distressed. Magic!

There! See it? Self-distressing, up close and personal!

After a light sanding, to remove any lose paint, I was ready to wax! Don’t I look happy?! ( You might notice the green paint on my wax brush. I tried mixing paint with furniture wax. I had heard of others doing this, to create a sort of glaze. I think it would have been more noticeable, in a lighter shade. )

Yep, there’s a little distressing that happened, but it looks pretty cool, with the first layer of color, underneath!

So, there she is! All happy! If you’d like to make a piece of your furniture happy, bring it in for our class at 11 a.m. this Saturday!

Or, let me shamelessly promote our free shipping, right here, right now, anywhere in the U. S. of A!


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  1. I just see a pretty distressed piece of furniture with a pretty lady behind it!…Happy painting Barbara!

  2. That photo of you with the brush…you look so content. You really are in your element! Cute shelf, btw, lovely color! Have a great time Saturday! πŸ˜‰

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