Our Great French Adventure!

Greetings, dear people! Jill and I have returned safely, from a week in France, I won’t soon forget! This photo was taken in the gorgeous Luberon region.  The village at the top left corner of the photo, was built on a hilltop, as was done hundreds of years ago, for protection from the enemy. There […]

Fall Festival Vintage Market, this Sunday, 10-3 p.m.

Hello friends!, We are approaching my favorite time of the year…Fall!  I know it’s a favorite for many of us. We’re also getting ready for our Fall Festival Vintage Market!  This Sunday, from 10-3, we’ll be welcoming old customers and new! We’ll have the coffee on and the first 25 customers will receive a welcome gift! […]

Save the Date!

Yes, I know it’s over a month away, but I also know how you travel at the “speed of sound”, so please pencil our next Vintage Market, on to your calendar. We’re all working hard to stock up on new treasures and are praying for a sunny day! You can also find our Classes posted, for March 26th, resuming in May, […]

News Update, from The Treasured Home

I’m back…two days in a row!  What gives?!    Well, I’m excited to say that half of the spaces available in the Vintage Market have been reserved, by some very talented artists and treasure hunters!  I’ll share more with you, as soon as I can, but I’ve been very pleased by the interest! To make […]

Amy Howard’s at The Treasured Home

The pictures above, were taken in Memphis, at the Amy Howard at Home paint classroom. Here are a few more… Including pieces, painted with her products…. For three full days, we were taught by a master furniture painter, herself. Amy Howard’s company has been making custom, hand made furniture pieces, for high end buyers. We […]

European Grain Sack Stockpile

Well, all good things must come to an end. We enjoyed five days at the family’s house at Lake Tahoe and now it’s time to face 106 degrees, back in Sacramento. As you may recall, if you’ve been following along for a while, our dear parents gave this wonderful place to us, before they passed […]

Introducing Maison Blanche Furniture Paint!

Hello Dear Friends! What an exciting week! Yesterday, my first shipment of Maison Blanche Furniture Paint Arrived at The Treasured Home! For nearly six months, I’ve been getting to know the good folks at Mason Blanche, based in Dallas, Texas. Just like the competition, this furniture paint is produced in the United Kingdom. It gets […]

Painting (Ye Old) Doors, Part II

When Kathryn at Kat’s Kalamities suggested painting the old door panel inserts with chalk paint, I thought “I have to try that!” Plus, the light gray door wasn’t doing anything for me and the brown door needed a little bit of waxing so I had another session with the three doors. Before… After… What’s another […]

Painting (Ye Old) Paneled Doors

Hi there, Where did the day go? I’ve been at the shop now for about six hours, painting three old paneled doors. I got them from a man who was remodeling some old houses. They were pretty sad when I bought them, for $20 apiece. Another Craigs list special! Kind of groadie, huh? I saw […]

Painting Everything In Sight (Trying Out New Painting Tips)

Warning! If you stand still, in one place, for too long, I just might paint you! It’s a furniture painting marathon over at my workshop, this week! What else are you supposed to do, when it’s a hundred zillion degrees outside? I repainted these two pieces because the lattice piece got banged up, when it […]

All My Notes From Haven (Tips to Grow Your Blog!)

Hello again!, Yes, I know, you’ve heard me say several times now, how great the Haven conference was! Not only did I learn tons of wonderful tips to grow my blog, DIY tips and thriftiness secrets, I met some really lovely women! Now, I added some pictures of new friends at the end, you’ll see, […]