Our Great French Adventure! June 9, 2017

Greetings, dear people! Jill and I have returned safely, from a week in France, I won’t soon forget!

This photo was taken in the gorgeous Luberon region.  The village at the top left corner of the photo, was built on a hilltop, as was done hundreds of years ago, for protection from the enemy.

There is charm everywhere, in this country and especially here.  The French have worked hard to maintain the historic architecture of those who came  before them.

This photo was taken in the old city of Aix (pronounced “Ex”) en Provence. This is where our group was based.

I posted a video of one of our morning strolls, through one of the many markets, on http://www.facebook.com/thetreasuredhome, while there, so check it out.  You’ll get a good feel for the flavor of the oldest section of Aix.  One of the markets we attended was in a cobbled square, surrounded by beautiful old buildings.  It has been running 7 days a week, for over 500 years!

We stayed in a hotel from the 1700’s, just 2 blocks off the Main Street.  It was clean, charming, comfortable, with all the modern amenities, for approximately 100 euros per night.

The reception area greeted us with a beautiful bouquet of peonies!

You’ll find flowers everywhere, especially in window boxes, usually framed by beautiful old shutters, in a shade of blue, but sometimes red, like their doors. Oh, the people they’ve greeted, over the years!

As you can see, most days were spent in comfortable clothes and shoes. The French women dress beautifully! Many are slim and simply dressed, yet elegant.

As we know, no matter where you come from, how you carry yourself is key.  Good posture, grace, confidence and style, are ageless and timeless.  Ooh la la!

There were 14 women, on our Vintage French Shopping Tour.   That can be a big group to manage, but these women were wonderful! Three of us were shop owners and the rest of us just love the hunt and thrill of adventure.

Our tour was lead by Jill Mitchell, of Le Trip tours. She is wonderful!  You can find her on Facebook, or I can give you her contact info.  She’s a California girl, who speaks fluent French.  She loves France so much, she plans to move there this fall.

In my dreams, I hope to be able to organize small group tours with my customers and their friends. Stay tuned!

And shop, we did, with gusto!

My rule of thumb, for buying, was to buy things I can’t easily buy here.Being my first opportunity to buy French antiques, at the source, I was more conservative than our group leader, who had done this dance before.

I won’t know about profit margins, (there’s that nasty word!) until all of the shipping and custom charges are added up.  In the end, customer reaction/support will help me determine if more buying trips are in my future!

With, or without worm holes,  complete with a coat of dust, our 40 foot container will be fumigated, prior to shipping.  Bugs-be-gone!

All of the pieces will need a bath, once they arrive here.  But I’m hoping to have a welcoming party sometime, late summer! It will be like Christmas, unpacking it all!

This incredible antique book press was Jill’s prize-find.  Totally gorgeous! I found one as well, but the patina on this baby is perfect!

Jill and I got along great, as roomies.  I understand that one of us…I won’t mention any names…to avoid incriminating myself..has a snoring issue!

Is she French, or isn’t she?

Well, mon ami, it’s after 5 am and I’ve been up since 2 a.m.!  I will share more of our adventures soon!

Until then, have a beautiful day!

Oh. I almost forgot! (On blended knee…) Please vote for your favorite antique shop, The Treasured Home, of course, on the Sacramento A-List!

Jill sent instructions on how to vote yesterday, via e-mail.  Questions? Just ask!

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