This Week at the Shop!

Mr. Wonderful and I ran away from home, Monday morning and headed for the hills.  In my never-ending attempt to maintain balance in our lives, it was time for a get away. (Sunrise photo, compliments of Bob, who is the early riser, in the group!) We’ll be heading back this evening, to miss the snow […]

The Tahoe Fixer, is Fixed!

Three years, one month and ten days of home renovations and Mr. Wonderful and I still love one another! This was how the house looked 3 years ago.  Not a lot has changed on the exterior, other than paint. The sliding glass door is new.  Two weeks after purchasing the place, Yogi paid us a […]

Almost Never Done; A Tahoe Fixer Update

Have you ever had a project that you thought would never end?  Yep, me too! I’m like a five year old, wondering when Santa will arrive. It isn’t pretty! You’ve heard me talk about The Tahoe Fixer…for 21 months now. Not that I’m counting or anything.  While we (I) had hoped that it would be […]

Getting Closer, at the Tahoe Fixer

Bob “Mr. Wonderful”, took this picture last week, at sunrise.  He’s an early riser and has seen lots of sunrises, at Lake Tahoe, lately.  In 12 days, the kids arrive and there are still a few details to take care of! This was our living area… …and here was our 1958 kitchen. The kitchen was […]

Mini Changes at the Lake House

   My brother took this photo, of Lake Tahoe, on May 24th.  If you haven’t seen it in person, Lake Tahoe is a national treasure and I hope you’ll add it to your “bucket list”!   Half of the lake is in the state of Nevada and the other half is in California.   I’ve […]

Reclaimed Oak Floors, at our Tahoe Home

 Remember the giant pile of wood flooring?  ….And the orange carpet?  Well, stand back and take a look at this!  Yes, Martha, the floors are in upstairs  and they are just gorgeous!!  They are reclaimed oak boards, sealed with tung oil.  One more coat of oil needs to be applied and then […]

Happenings at the Lake (Remodel Update)

Greetings, from sunny, warm, Lake Tahoe! If you have connections with the Rain and/or Snow gods, please put in a good word for us, here in California. We’ll take either! If all goes as planned, which it never does, the wood floors will be installed upstairs, next week. Yes, that’s wood, under the tarp, in […]

Milk Paint Monday

Greetings, to another week! I have lots of brilliant ideas. You too? My latest brilliant idea is to feature a different milk painted project, each week. We’ll share some tips and tell you what works and what doesn’t. At least that’s the plan! We’re replacing all of the old hollow-core interior doors upstairs, at the […]

News from The Treasured Home

Greetings! I hope you’re doing well, this Wednesday! If you have admired this beautiful, antique beveled mirror, the marble topped console table, or Patti’s two stunning antique chairs, great news! They’ve all had their price tags trimmed substantially! Speaking of Patti, she just joined the ranks of Bionic Women! Today, she had knee replacement surgery […]

Inexpensive Art for Our Tahoe House

I’m always a sucker for a great deal and right now, Arron’s Art is having their one cent sale. Buy one frame and get the second frame for a penny. We love the old Tahoe look and feel. I’m striving for a very family friendly, light filled home, with pieces of Tahoe history thrown in. […]

Our First Christmas, on Hurricane Bay

As they say, Home is where the heart is. This was our first Christmas, celebrated in the home we’re restoring on Lake Tahoe. If you’re looking for beautifully finished rooms, this is not the place! Not one room is finished, but we relished the chance to spend time with our son and daughter. We sat […]