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Greetings! I hope you’re doing well, this Wednesday!

If you have admired this beautiful, antique beveled mirror, the marble topped console table, or Patti’s two stunning antique chairs, great news! They’ve all had their price tags trimmed substantially!

Speaking of Patti, she just joined the ranks of Bionic Women! Today, she had knee replacement surgery and everything went well! They’ll have her up walking tomorrow! Keep her in your thoughts and send her some spiritual support. You know, have your angel, talk to her angel!

If you were at the shop last week, you saw us working on this pretty table, that expands very easily, with its built-in leaf.



One of my New Year’s resolutions has been to choose bolder paint colors. I tend to stick with the safer grey’s and beige’s, hoping to sell furniture pieces faster, appealing to the masses!


Speaking of color, what do you think about these very red chairs, upholstered in a wonderful Ikat? What about you? Do you bring colorful pieces into your home?

You may know that I love “peace” signs. The one in the picture above, (top right corner) is about 4 feet in diameter and the round steel frame has some wonderful rusty “patina” on it. Love it! Will I grow out of rust? I’m going to spray it with some shellac, so the rust won’t come off on painted walls, etc.

(Side note: Speaking of “peace”, my daughter will be graduating from West Point on May 23rd. She requested and was given the Field Artillery branch (“FA”). I met a man at the gym this morning, who’s the area recruiter for West Point. He’s a West Point graduate and so was his son. When I told him Field Artillery, he said “combat”. Field Artillery = Combat. Betsy has at least six months of training to go through after graduation, but I wonder how I will cope, if she ends up in the middle east? I’m sure many other parents have asked themselves the same thing.)


Our step stool class, earlier this month, went off without a hitch! We got such great feedback, that we’ve chosen another unfinished, hard-wood piece to paint, scheduled for March. Wouldn’t this side table be beautiful, painted in one of Miss Mustard Seed’s new European colors?




This is a peak at a chest, I started last weekend, up at Tahoe. It turned out great, with a wonderful light and dark wax finish and a bit of distressing. It will probably be found, in a couple of months, sitting upstairs, at the end of a bed!

Well, that’s it for now. Remember, if you have the need to relax and unwind, paint something!


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  1. Nice to catch up with all of your “happenings”….regards to the Bionic Woman…..have a wonderful week Barbara!

  2. Hi Barbara! What paint color did you use for those darling red painted chairs? I have a client that has a buffet, and it would look great in that color. How many cans of paint would a med size buffet take?? Thank you, Jonelle’

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