What’s New at The Treasured Home

      Even though it doesn’t feel much like fall, I’m hoping that if I bring in some beautiful, cozy goodies, for my friends, cool weather will come.      Jill milk painted some surf board stripes on this vintage ironing board.  I think it will make a cool sofa table, or even a breakfast […]

New Vendors at the Shop! Come See What’s New!

   Greetings, fellow treasure hunters!, Earlier this year, I told you that we were going to bring a few carefully selected vendors into the shop.  Well, a handful of lovely women, moved their loot in over the last couple of days, joining Julie, who arrived last month.      You already know some of the […]

Milk Paint Adventures and Other News

By now, I hope you have all met Jill.  Here she is, working on our latest conquest! This vanity, that could double as a desk, if you like gazing at yourself in the mirror, has been appropriately named, Atlanta. Believe it or not, this is the vanity Mr. Wonderful’s mother, Atlanta, sat at each day. […]

New at The Treasured Home

Easy come, easy go. Mr. Wonderful put shelves into this old lacquered Chinese cabinet. I bid a fond farewell to it this afternoon! Lee, a dear customer, had been coming to visit this piece and the two of them became fast friends! With that piece gone, I did lots of moving and shaking around the […]

New at The Treasured Home

Bob and I just got home from seeing Silver Linings Playbook, and while I loved the characters, it was a wild movie! My family has nothing on this crazy group! I think I’ll just count my blessings, after all! Great news! One of my first customers, Linda, is bringing in a whole class, to paint […]

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Hello Dear Lovlies, Guess where I am? Oh, you smart pretties! Yes, I’m at The Treasured Home! Wrapping up my day, here at the shop. It was the day after the Holiday Open House, which was a huge success! Yay! Thanks to all of you who could stop by, and little angels, like Dawn, who […]

New at the Shop

Will you do me a huge favor? If I am boring you with what’s going on at the shop, will you please tell me? It’s sort of all that I focus on these days. Yes, my daily activities seem to fall into one of the following: 1. Looking for things to sell 2. Painting things […]

ABC Carpet & Home

Hello again, from the “Big Apple”! Today, we’re going to make our annual pilgrimage to ABC Carpet & Home. The place takes up two large old buildings, across the street from one another, on Broadway, in New York City. One building is all about floor covering. I skip that. The furniture and home accessories are […]

Dreaming of My Work Shop

As the weeks pass, the vision I have for The Treasured Home gets clearer. It’s a slow process, but what’s important to me, is that the vision is as uniquely “mine” as I can possibly manage. I saw this image in my on line adventures and love the table. Mr. Wonderful is going to make […]

Our Son’s Room Make-Over

Well, it’s been more than two years since our son lived in this room. Trust me, it looked completely different then! The bed and nightstand came from our condo in San Francisco and this wonderful chest was purchased, not long ago, from an estate sale. The fiber glass plantation shutters do a wonderful job keeping […]

Pillow Addict

Hello! As you may have gathered, I’m consumed by pillows these days! That may be putting it mildly. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say, I’ll bet I’ve made more pillows this month than anyone on my block! While I’ve got some gorgeous linen pillows in the shop, what’s unique about most of […]