Updating an Old Wreath

If you’re like me, you have an old dusty wreath out in the garage, somewhere. I happen to have one such wreath, full of cobwebs and who knows what else, even though I keep it covered with plastic.

So, this morning, after letting Mr. Wonderful know that I would be working many evenings on projects in the next month, just so he would be warned, not expecting a hot meal each evening, I proceeded to spend time on another wreath project. Not for the shop, but for our front door. For the good of our own home! Much needed, of course!

I cut small 2 inch squares of burlap and frayed the edges. Then I took my handy glue gun and made the little florettes, sticking them into the wreath.

Then, I took blossoms from two hydrangea stems, one green and one violent tinted and glue gunned those throughout the wreath.

I’ll bet many of us have burlap and dried hydrangeas and a glue gun sitting around. Now, all you need is that old wreath, out in the garage, and you’re in business!

Now, excuse me, I had really better go get those projects taken care of! Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Beautiful Barbara!!

  2. I love the wreath before and I love it after…it’s really gorgeous Barbara!

  3. Gorgeous as always! 😉

    • Well, not really! I took the last burlap wreath apart and it’s back in a nice little roll. It was just too heavy and I couldn’t make the bow look right, etc. Yada, yada!

  4. This is a gorgeous wreath


  5. Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Just beautiful! You are inspiring me to get out an old wreath and dress it up.

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