How to Paint an Aged Finish

Happy Mother’s Day dear lovelies!,

It’s actually the day before Mother’s Day, as I write yet another spell-binding post, chronicling the life of a scavenger/furniture painter.

My back’s on ice and I’m pretending my diet Pepsi is a Mai Tai. Not easy.

Several months ago, in fact, before Christmas, someone brought two table bases to the shop. Identical, old, small table bases, covered in multiple layers of lead paint.

Just precious table bases, that needed to be stripped, in the worst way.

But, since I swore that I would never strip another piece of furniture, as long as I lived, Mr. Winderful stepped up to the plate.

I don’t know if anyone will mistake these table tops as the real deal, but this would be a sweet kitchen table!

I started with a warm gray and once dry, applied clear wax generously. While the wax was still wet, I applied a cream color, with a rag, to the table top, working in sections.

After I blended the paint and wax, I used a mocha brown, here and there, to warm things up. What do you think?

Hope you really enjoy tomorrow. Continued blessings, throughout the week!


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  1. Donnamae says

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too! Did you hurt your back? Well, just rest and put your feet up…and have a real Mai tai! 😉

    • Yes I did. It doesn’t seem to take much to screw it up! Better today. I hope your kids treat you sweet today. (Not that they don’t always!). Hope they’re close by. Hugs, B.

  2. Dear Barbara, I hope you feel better soon! I love the finish on the tables against the matte black bases. Did you do the same finish on both?

    Art by Karena

    • Hi Karena,
      I used chalk style paints on both the top and base of the table. I just used pure black on the base and blended the colors on the table top.
      Thanks for stopping by, sweetness!

  3. I love the look of the milk paint and cant wait to try it out

  4. Traci Madison says

    French Enamel …flow blue…kitchen Scale!!

  5. I love all your work and if I was to win the Miss Mustards Milk Paint I think I would choose, The Shutter Gray! I think it’s Gorgeous and it’s one that I don’t have!

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