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Hello there!

Now that I’m back in the “thick of it” at the shop, blogging isn’t nearly as consistent as I ‘d like it to be.

There are just not enough hours in a day! And the shop seems to magnify all my ADD tendencies. Talk about distractions!

Well, enough about all that! Here’s the scoop!

Our September 14th Chalk Style Paint Class is full. Our next chalk style class is scheduled for October 19th. now’s the time to check your calendar.

We still have space available for our Milk Paint Class, on September 28th.

The Art & Wine night, Thursday night, September 26th, is filling up. Take advantage if the. $20 discount (pp), when you bring a friend!

Free demonstration classes are now on Thursdays, so check the calendar, for available dates! It’s a great introduction to the wild world of furniture painting!

The shop’s new hours are officially Thursday through Sunday, although I’ve been there this week to greet anyone who’s new to the shop’s hours. I’ve gotten a lot done, and made some great sales!

Can you tell the difference, after white waxing this milk painted dresser?

While the lighting a different, it’s hard to tell the “before” from the “after”, but I love this new wax!

I painted this table top, applied poly acrylic and then glazed it. It should look nice, when I finish the legs, in a creamy white, that will get the same finishing touches! Stay tuned for the final glamour shot!

Huge news! We have a very cool new desk seat! A cowboy doctor’s stool? Say “ahhh!”

I saw this painted suitcase, while out and about. I think I see a painted suitcase in my future!

We had an unusual rainy Labor Day, on Monday. No picnics for The Treasured Home!

Finally, if you haven’t found “the good stuff”, just follow the signs!

I’m always looking! I have more new treasures to share, including a new line of beautiful earrings, that just came in, so stay tuned for more!


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  1. The shop looks great Barb and your new finds are awesome!!

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