Wanda the Fashionable Witch

Hello Darling!

I oversaw a major image consultation this afternoon. Wanda is this poor dear’s name. Found her on the side of the road, bless her heart, at a yard sale, for just $8!

Not the best shot, but frankly, she was not very excited about having her picture taken.

I said, lay down honey. When we get done with you, you’ll feel like a brand new woman! I did her colors and found that the plum color was all wrong for her skin tone!

After my French designer met with Wanda, you can see what a difference it makes, to have a personal stylist.

Against my advice, Wanda insisted on flowers in her new head band.

Can’t you just feel the joy?!

A few feminine touches can lift a woman’s outlook on life!

I’ve never been a big fan of piercing, but I had to agree that the new nose stud took the focus off that nasty wart!

If you’d like to schedule your own personal makeover, be sure to call my secretary!


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  1. Thanks for the morning giggle! I think I’ll skip the makeover…but Wanda is really looking much younger! Enjoy your weekend! 😉

  2. You are too funny!…she is wonderful…and I am sure she loved it when you “glommed” her up and gave her a great makeover!…Wanda thanks you…have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Good Morning Barbara,
    Wanda’s affect has changed significantly. She still could experience bouts of anxiety thus I offer a free mental & physical health screening. I am then qualified to make referrals to appropriate specialists if needed. May I be so bold as to recommend prophylaxis? Provide her a lunch time libation, before dinner aperitif & fine dinner wine. When we empower other women we are favored by others. I hope to meet her before she runs off with some handsome, youthful suiter. Hee, hee…

  4. You are hilarious! Looks like you had a great time with Wanda!

  5. Ha! Barbara you are the best. She may actually be the good witch now! Maybe I will come and have a makeover!

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