My Mother’s Reclaimed Vanity Chair

Since my dear Dad passed away, my four sibs and I have taken our share of my parents “treasures”. One of the last things to be adopted was my Mom’s bathroom vanity chair.

My mother, the eternal “beauty queen”, started each and every day in this chair, “putting on her face”. How could I let it end up in the garage sale? No way! So, in a matter of just a few minutes (fit right into my rule to keep projects simple) it got a fast and free make-over, using materials on hand!

I’ve never sat down, to do my make-up, but you never know. Maybe it will give mom a place to sit when she “visits”!

Before long, I’ll share pictures of some other wonderful pieces I’ve inherited. I’ll always look at their things and think of Mom and Dad with love, knowing that they’re in an even better place, dancing a slow dance, arm in arm.

By the way, Veranda Antiques, in Carmichael, has an exact replica, wearing the original fabric for just $60! It could be yours!


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  1. Barbara,

    I was going through my backlog of emails and found your email about your mom’s vanity chair. I love that you decided to update to keep it. It looks splendid and what a wonderful way to remember your mom and I love that you keep it available for her to use when she visits. Thanks for sharing it with all of us, after all that is what mother’s day is about, honoring and remembering.


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