Cabinet Hardware, Part 2

Well, as promised, I added cabinet hardware to what was, the kids’ “Jack and Jill” bathroom, this week.







I’ve mixed a round white porcelain knob with silver polka dots, on the doors, with brushed nickel pulls for the drawers.

Installing cabinet hardware is one way to add some instant pizazz to any room.

During the process of installing the pulls, I’ve confirmed that I have no interest in becoming a handyman. With that said, there are a few tools you’ll need to avoid making a huge mess of your cabinets. Trust me.

Besides needing the obvious drill and appropriate sized drill bit, you’ll want to use a template (one for drawers and one for doors), to make sure you end up with hardware in the right place. along with that, a tape measure and Phillips head screw driver. I use a block of wood, held where the drill bit will be exiting the back of the drawer or door front. This will help prevent lots of splintering where the drill bit breaks through. Finally, be sure to hold the drill perpendicular to the point of entry. Otherwise, the hardware may not fit properly.

Now all I have to do is find a better storage spot for all my sailor son’s treasures that he’s storing at the house. Easier said than done! Garage sale? He probably wouldn’t appreciate that!

Anyway, if you’re thinking about installing or updating cabinet hardware anytime soon, I get serious discounts from a hardware-distributor, with a great selection, in every style and finish you can imagine!


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