Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

When we were kids, my older sister and I would have beauty contests! Of course, being the oldest, she was also the judge! We would stand in front of the mirror, striking our most glamorous poses, that an eight-year-old could manage, before she was judged to be the most beautiful! We still laugh about those beauty contests today.

Today, I’m a sucker for a beautiful mirror. I doubt that it has anything to do with my previous life as a beauty pageant contestant (ha!) but you never know!

You might recall last weekend, that I found an amazing old mirror, at the antique fair downtown. I thought it was going to be up for “deal of the week”, since I only paid $60 for this 34″ mirror!

My only reservation, is that the frame is extremely fragile. I was concerned about selling something at Veranda, that was in this kind of condition. plus I love it and am happy to keep it for our own enjoyment!

Besides, I had this nasty blank spot above our bed. Miraculously, it’s blank no more!

Now if you hear that Mr. Wonderful and I have perished under the weight of a dilapidated mirror, you will know exactly what happened.

Until next time,
Yours truly.



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  1. I love the mirror above your bed! I know it was a sacrifice to keep it, but what if it had fallen apart after it was sold. You can’t have that. I thought you couldn’t add to your bedroom because it was already perfect, but you have. It’s even better now.

  2. Barbara I love mirrors of all kinds and your is perfect above your bed!

    Art by Karena

  3. That mirror was made to go over your bed….really looks fabulous!…
    Have a wonderful day!

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