The Treasured Home Opens Soon!

It has been so much fun, making an antique and DIY workshop out of an office suite! (I remember showing the space to a few friends before any work was done and I could almost “hear” the doubt.) Everything has just come together, though, almost magically…as though it was meant to be. (Yes, I believe in magic, thanks to the angels above!) Have you ever tried to make things happen and hit all sorts of brick walls? Not here!


To bring attention to “natural paint” for sale, I sprayed paper m chΓ© letters with spray adhesive and then covered them with green moss. I think I’ll use some 3M velcro, to attach them to the wall. That stuff works great, if you aren’t hanging anything too heavy! I think it would be neat to do the same thing with glitter and may try that on the letters “J-O-Y” I also bought.

I finally ordered signage today! (You don’t want to rush these things!) We (my trusty friend Jini) packed up some milk paint orders and I ran them to the post office. I also got some milk paint on the shelves in the picture above, and I’ll have them up tomorrow.

The valence is ready to install and once that’s done, I’ll take lots of pictures to share! Maybe even a video! Woo-hoo!


A final reminder, if you would like to take advantage of the 15% off Milk Paint sale, do it by October 31st, or you’ll turn into a pumpkin!

Until we meet again, thanks for taking the journey through life with me!


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  1. Things are moving along quickly….at least from my perspective! Can’t wait to see more. I know you’ve been working hard…it will be all worth it! πŸ˜‰

  2. Things are moving along, I can’t wait to see the finished space.


  3. So glad that you will be up and running before the Christmas season…How so very exciting Barbara…I am so happy for you!!!

  4. Oh is that a glimpse of your valance in the box…I see black and white my favorite color duo. Oh what a teaser this is. Can’t wait to see it up.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

    • Hi there, Leslie!,
      I’m going to attempt a short video, once everything is where it’s supposed to be! Hope to meet you in person one day soon!
      Thanks for saying “hi”!,

  5. Cathy Spencer says

    Barbara, don’t know if you remember me working there with Bob years ago. What a fabulous sounding place you’re building! I work on Saturdays for the time being so though I would LOVE to be there on your opening day, I will have to stop by some other time. Good luck and and cheering you on! We NEED a business like this around here! I’m going to tell my friends about it after I come by.
    Cathy Spencer

  6. Loretta Waggoner says

    Barbara, Your shop looks great! I can’t wait to visit! I am a caregiver of 2 folks, (my son & my mother), but as soon as I get a break I will come see your lovely shop. Thanks for the images! Loretta

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