Find Me At Debbiedoo’s

Do you know my Blog Sister, Debbie, at Debbiedoo’s? She has a Home Tour every week, over at her place and invited me to join in.

(You may wonder how she got her name, “Debbiedoos”. Its not because she does all that she does! It’s simply the moniker she earned as a kid, from her family!)

Debbie is a big-hearted mom of two teenage sons, who stays very busy! If I haven’t bored you to tears with our house pictures, I hope you’ll visit both of us at her place!

(Painted wine bottles, created by Debbie and her G-friends, while enjoying the “fruits” of their labor!)


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  1. Good morning Barbara! You are so kind. Thanks you for having us over today. I simply adore your home and style! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Barbara, Debbiedoos has long been one of my favorites. She is a sweetheart! I think her childhood nickname is darling and certainly fits her persona with all that she does. Thanks for the tour. ~ Sarah

  3. Hoping over there now….Debbie is fantastic…and so is your house!

  4. Just saw your home tour over at Debbie’s and had to come over here to tell you how absolutely gorgeous I think it is! 🙂

  5. Your house is just so warm, and relaxing, and interesting. You have some wonderful collections…like that sailboat in your bookcase. Is there a story behind it? 😉

    • Oh, Donnamae, you know how to make me feel good! Yes, the sailboat was built by Bob’s uncle. He entered a competition and won a first place trophy cup, back in 1928! Thanks for asking!

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