Lake Como, Part Two

Today was spent on and around Lake Como, touring gardens, eating pasta, visiting a few shops and enjoying the amazing views.
This estate was given to Carlotta, by her parents, when she got married, a few hundred years ago. 20120423-163746.jpg20120423-163808.jpg20120423-163828.jpg20120423-163849.jpg
Cut gravel beds are everywhere, in Italy. I really like the paver stone that was used here. (For our future Italian garden!) The plastic grid set in the gravel was interesting. It was used in the hilly areas, to keep the gravel in place, I assume.
Inside, was quite a large collection of art, from the same period. Pictures weren’t allowed of the collection, but I snuck a shot of a contemporary exhibit. 20120423-164400.jpg
I’m just guessing, but I’d bet that the official flower of Italy is wisteria, because it’s in bloom everywhere right now! Really beautiful!20120423-164706.jpg20120423-164724.jpg20120423-164749.jpg20120423-164804.jpg20120423-164818.jpg
I spent time touring the gardens at our Hotel Cipressi, with Eileen and Jini, the leaders of our pack. They are really wonderful! (The gardens and Eileen and Jini)




Well, that’s all for now! Tomorrow, we make a day trip to Milan, on the train.

Be well and thanks for being here!
Ciao Bella!,


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  1. Gorgeous….I feel as though you are my tour guide through Italy…still taking notes!!!….Have a wonderful time in Milan!

  2. I have enjoyed the the tour guide of Italy, my husband and I will be in Verona, in a week, also Venice, looking forward to see St. Marks.

  3. Love seeing your guide of Italy, my husband and I will be in Verona,and Venice, in just one week. Will look out for some of the spots on your blog.

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