Quick Fix! (Magazine Basket Make-Over)


I scoured the antique fair here in Sacramento, today! It’s a monthly event, under the freeway and I always try to go. The only disappointment about today, was that I missed the Karmelkorn concession!

I found all sorts of treasures including this little magazine basket.

I knew it had possibilities and that the teal green fabric had to go!

I came home and got busy with some burlap, muslin remnants, and some old antique lace, left over from a recent project.

No wonder I saved all of those bits and pieces of fabric!

Have a wonderful day!,


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  1. it looks fun and I can’t wait to here how sales on MMS paint is selling for you…because next year I will order…she said I could do it also…but because of family and stuff…and her so bizy waiting to next January and start off in 2013

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